June 28, 2013

Pretty Little Friday

So… you remember my client who loves bright & bold color, right?
Well, we installed her new dressing room yesterday and I just had to
share a pic I snapped of her incredible shoe collection.  If you follow
me on instagram, you’ve probably already seen my pics, but for those who
don’t, here it is:

With the way the room is set up, the shoes now feel like art.  They
sparkle from across the room and you immediately want to walk over there
and start touching them.  (Especially me!! We wear the same size!!!)
And when I say “shoes” these are not just shoes… These are shoes.  

I fell in love with a few pairs (leopard @ bottom left and black lace
heels two over from those)  but was blown away by a pair of pail pink
feathered stilettos  (middle right) and I think the feathers would look
like pretty little flames going up your ankles.  (In my daydream of
wearing them, I’m also capable of walking in them 😉

I didn’t even get the boot rows in this picture, which rival the heels in “Oh my, I want these”-ness.

We’re now waiting on this beautiful Cole & Son wallpaper to arrive for the walls…

… and I cannot wait!!  I’m off for the day but thank you so much to my
sweet client for letting me help put together her dream dressing room.
It’s been so much fun!!!

Which pair of shoes is your favorite?

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