April 11, 2014

Pretty Little Friday


It’s amazing how happy a little flower arrangement can make me.  When we got home from our trip earlier this week, I was thrilled to see our daffodils had bloomed while we were gone.  The previous owners of our house planted so many, that I can cut and cut and not even notice that any are gone!!  (Thank you to them!!)  I get to bring them inside and still have the pleasure of spying a mass of them out the living room window.  Love it.  I meant to plant more this Fall but didn’t get around to it.  (I found a few hundred unplanted bulbs in the garage the other day- ah vell)

The smell of daffodils reminds me of being a kid and walking to school in the Springtime…  picking them and giving them to people.  Do you remember using little makeshift tin foil vases/holders filled with wet paper towels to transport them??

Anyway, have a great weekend & hope you get some time to enjoy a pretty little something!

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