January 17, 2014

Pretty Little Friday

Happy Friday!!  As life returns to normalcy (or I pretend long enough to convince myself of it) I’m getting back into more of a routine, and with that, comes the return of Pretty Little Fridays.


I snapped this pic earlier this week at our clients’ home.  My client filled her blue pottery collection with dried hydrangea from her garden.   I absolutely love visiting my clients and seeing how they style things and make their homes more personal.  The pottery is by my close friend and local potter Lindsey Augustine of wareclay and her pieces are so good!!!  I have a few in the shop and they always sell out quickly.  Her pieces seem to make it into every magazine shoot we do because the stylists see them and always bring them into the shots.  (If you do visit her website, the thing to know is that she can do really anything and it’s best to email her about custom things.  Her prices are incredible.  I have THE BEST white salad bowl by her…   Okay, it seems I need to write a post entirely about Lindsey’s pieces because this is so much longer than a “Pretty Little Friday” should be.)
Anyway, have a wonderful long weekend!!  And thanks so much to everyone who wrote in questions to the Washington Post chat yesterday!  It was a lot of fun and the time flew by…  I didn’t even get to half of the questions so I’m definitely brainstorming ways we could try something like that again.  To read the Q&A from yesterday, go here.