June 30, 2011

Playing in the Creek

A couple of weeks ago, photographer Vy Koenig took photos of our kids.  Vy is a good friend of a client & friend of mine & offered us a complimentary photo shoot.  We were so excited for the opportunity, but I had no idea how awesome the photos would be.

{Justin, 18 months}
We brought the boys in their rain boots & we all ventured into the woods for a hike to the creek.
{Christian, almost 4!}
They started out timidly, stepping on stones & splashing lightly in the water…  Vy had sailboats ready for them to play with and she even made newspaper sailboats which they looooooved.
Their favorite part was the “pirate” ship that Vy’s husband made:
{It was a flat boat front staked into the ground = so adorable… very Little Rascalish}
Once they got comfortable, the shirts came off and the real splashing began:
{Christian is so proud of this pic}
We all got a little wet…
Vy captured my little guys perfectly…
…And my big one too:
{Justin loves getting “eaten”}
It was honestly just such a fun time…
We got to spend quality time with each other & have a little adventure while Vy captured it all:
{Dave & I weren’t planning on being in the pictures but I’m so glad now Vy got some of us with the boys}
 I really CANNOT believe I have a picture of my little guys being NICE to each other!!:
{Makes me happy}
…And nothing’s better than this feeling:
I really can’t thank Vy enough for this gift.  We will definitely be doing it again!!
If you’re in the Northern Virginia area and are interested in Vy’s services:
Check out her website here to book an appointment.  She’s AMAZING!!!!!
(And if you’re not in the area, check it out anyway… there are so many cutie pies on there!!!)  I was so excited to see all of the creativity & effort Vy had put into preparing the shoot & she’s so sweet that the kids warmed up instantly.

xoxo, Lauren

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