June 16, 2010

Outdoor Harvest Table

Last week my husband, Dave, surprised me with a huge truckload of weathered old barnwood.  A barn nearby had fallen down and the owners were looking to unload some of the wood…  And he made a massive (15 plus feet) outdoor harvest table!!


We currently have no place to put it but are working on a gravel or stone patio to put underneath of it asap.  (This is why I didn’t take any full shots-  it’s not so pretty right now but I promise to get some good ones as soon as I can! 🙂  We simply picked out the pieces we wanted and screwed them together and set the table top on 3 steel sawhorses.  Besides the thing weighing a million pounds, it was a really simple project and doable in only a few hours.
Hope you enjoyed and can’t wait to share pretty pics of it!!

xoxo, Lauren