September 3, 2010

Our white bedroom

We don’t do well with white carpets.  When we moved into our house a little over a year ago, there was wall-to-wall creamy white carpet everywhere.  We almost immediately replaced it with hardwood in the living room and hallways, but we kept it in the bedrooms to save.  It hasn’t fared well in our master bedroom.


{You can see in the pic that even when it was taken -after only a few months here- we’d done some damage…  It’s really inexpensive carpet and so it’s also held up terribly}
I want to keep our bedroom feeling light, airy and natural and I know that pulling our dark hardwood into the bedroom would make it much darker than I want.  We’ve been loving our indestructible wall-to-wall seagrass in the basement and decided to do it in here too.  Seagrass can be tough on barefeet but you do get used to it.  It’s weird though… when I’m really tired (ie sometimes when I first wake up or really late at night) the seagrass is too much for my feet so I plan to layer the seagrass in our bedroom with a massive soft white hide rug:
I’ll let you know how it goes!!
And thanks so much to everyone for all of the comments & advice about childcare…  I really appreciated hearing how you all have done it and how things have worked out for you.  I guess I’ve realized that in the end, (which is what many of you pointed out) we have to go with what we feel works best for us & our family.  It might not be what others would do in our situation but we have to do what’s right for us, and we know that best.    Have an awesome Labor Day weekend and enjoy wearing that WHITE!!!

xoxo, Lauren

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