November 10, 2023

our vegetable garden project- part 3

To check out the video, hit play on the video below or head over to our YouTube channel where you can also watch the previous episodes. Hope you enjoy!

Hello!! It’s been such a gorgeous fall around here in Northern Virginia and we’re cooking (literally) in the vegetable garden!! On day 7 of our new vegetable garden project we worked on placing the perennials around the border of the garden and planting vegetables in the garden beds. I decided to tweak my original plans which had more vegetable space to incorporate a perennial border around the edge of the garden instead of more vegetables in order to attract pollinators to the garden. I’ve always love mixing my flowers and vegetables and this has made the garden so vibrant and full of sweet, buzzing life!!

vegetable garden project – episode 3
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8 months ago

The garden is looking so beautiful! What were the flowers you gathered from the original garden? Very pretty🪴

7 months ago

It sounds like you’ve been busy with your vegetable garden project in Northern Virginia! Could you share more about the changes you made on day 7, particularly the decision to incorporate a perennial border around the edge instead of adding more vegetables? How has this alteration impacted the garden, especially in terms of attracting pollinators and creating a vibrant, buzzing atmosphere?

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