October 28, 2013

Our Trip to High Point Market

This past week – which included a whirlwind trip to High Point Market and construction in our new design studio- literally flew by.  We’re in the process of moving into our new design studio and showroom and I’m so excited!!!  Before I get into all of that, though, I wanted to give you a quick rundown of my experience at Market.  It was one of the most inspiring trips there yet, due mostly to the amazing people we bonded with.

Dave & I headed town to North Carolina the Thursday afternoon before Market.  We stopped in historic Culpeper, Virginia on the way down (because we were starving!!) and had some snacks at an amazing cheese/ beer/wine shop (The Culpeper Cheese Company) and walked around a little before stopping for dinner.  It was a gorgeous night – it also happened to be Culpeper’s Restaurant Week- and the feeling of freedom from being out with my husband while the kids were being taken care of (and knowing we have a few more days of it in store) was AWESOME.

I was able to snap photos leisurely and we honestly moseyed.  (I can’t remember the last time I “moseyed” anywhere.  I’m a bit of a speedwalker.)  Tasting all of the incredible cheeses was Heaven and we left with a huge bag of meats and cheeses and snacks for ourselves.

Dinner across the street was especially fun because I got to dine alone with this guy:


On Friday we hit the Antique & Design Center and found a slew of one-of-a-kinds for the new studio.  We also stopped at the Thomas O’Brien book signing for Aero at Visual Comfort.  Thomas was nice enough to take a picture with me:

As Dave & I drove back to our hotel after the book signing, I started reading parts of Aero out loud and it could not have been more fitting for us right now as we open our design studio.  We were getting the advice we needed exactly when we needed it.  Reading Aero helped shape how I thought of purchasing certain pieces over the rest of my trip to Market.

This vintage leather chair we found at Bobo Intriguing Objects will be for sale in our studio:

One of the highlights of our trip was the launch party for Milieu Magazine hosted by Verellen, whose upholstery we carry.  Houston Interior Designer Pam Pierce created a new (GORGEOUS!!!) shelter magazine that will focus on showcasing much of the incredible design that is out there that’s not being seen and on showcasing new talent.   Pam spoke at the party and everyone got a little teary-eyed.  You could just see how special this is to her and that she was truly seeing a dream realized.  She truly wants to help designers gain exposure and  giver readers something new & exciting.  The setting (below) gives you an idea of Milieu’s style:

The bales of hay had cushion-top slipcovers.  This was THE MOST BEAUTIFUL and effortlessly elegant party I’ve ever been too.  It was unbelievably relaxed and beautiful at the same time, very much like both Verellen and Milieu.

I loved this thistle-topped table:

{In college, when Dave & I had English class together, a bouquet of roses & thistles like this arrived at the door of my apartment on Valentine’s Day.  We’d only known each other a month. }

Breakfast in bed is one of the hi-lights of Market for me…

David & I aren’t the ones showing up first thing in the morning at Market.  We go at our own pace & try to enjoy our time together as we shop.  I can’t wait to show you photos of the new studio so you can see everything we found!!!

Sunday night, we headed to Print Works (the restaurant at the Proximity Hotel) which is one of my favorite places to eat:


We had dinner with our good friend, David Lappert who is the VP of residential sales for Robert Allen Fabrics and our new friends Kristin Olson with Robert Allen and talented New Orleans designer & shop owner Rivers Spencer.  We had so much fun bouncing ideas off of one another and getting to know each other.

After dinner, there was a fun DJ with pink hair (a wig) and a headband with a sofa on it playing music at the bar and we ran into our DC Designer friends (love yas!! pic below)  and also (the super-sweet and handsome) Jeffrey Allen Marks (in the middle of the pic below) who just came out with a book, The Meaning of Home.  Jeffrey is the type of person you meet and instantly love; he’s really kind and so much fun.

I love nights like this!!  So many of our friends from Market seemed to show up, along with more incredible designers like Mary MacDonald, Thom Filicia and Barry Dixon, who were all very nice too.  I think it’s really interesting to see how famous designers are when you meet them in person because you feel like you know them from watching their shows or reading their books or following their careers or whatever…  I would say, that after meeting many of them, it’s just as much their personalities as their talent that’s making them successful.  They all seem to have a little something special.  (Don’t get me wrong, there are many I’ve met who I don’t feel this way about; I just don’t mention them on the blog 😉

Anyway, I’m home now and we’re all desperately trying to get the studio in shape for our December 7th Grand Opening Day.  (!!)  I hope you enjoyed this little peek into our Market experience.  Have a great day & I’ll be back soon!!

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