December 13, 2013

Our Studio!!

This September, as we searched for an office space outside of our home, we visited Great Falls Village Center on a whim after a client recommended we check it out.  Here’s the pic I snapped through the front window that day…
And now, three (insane) months later, there’s a very different view through the windows:
Coming to work here makes me really happy.  I just love pulling up in the mornings.  We’re greeted by our happy front porch that we decorated for the holidays…
…And we come inside to a place that feels organized and functional.  My fabrics are so much easier to work with hung on the walls in the fabric room and it inspires me to create more of them.
It’s been a quick move-in process, but we have been collecting many of the things in the studio for years.  Here’s what one of our main living areas looked like before:
And here it is now:
(Full credit for the styling of the coffee table goes to Lou, our 18-month old, we rearranges every time he visits.)
Here’s another “before” view:
And a foggy instagram “after” shot:
Here’s a clearer photo of that area during the day.  I love the vintage 70s relief over the sofa so much.  I layered the sofa with pillows we had made out of gray & red  antique grain sacks, a pillow made from a kantha quilt, and an Austrian military blanket.  The leather cocktail ottoman is such a great piece for layering trays & pretties.  Clients in the shop also tend to use it as a table to look through our shop catalog and select fabrics for custom pieces.  I think it’s so interesting watching & learning how the different areas in the shop will be used:
Across from that sofa is another one, a shelter sofa -that I’ll admit I’ve fallen asleep on once or twice during late nights working- with a massive grain sack bolster and my Queen Anne’s Bouquet pillows:
The lighting was pretty one day and I snapped a photo of that area through the carved gilt mirror by the front door.  My FAVORITE leather chair, a Midcentury Swedish piece, is front & center:
When you first enter the shop, there’s a skirted center table filled with goodies:
The things on it change almost daily.  (It seems like a lot of shopping happens from this table, I guess because it’s the first thing you see when you walk in, so I’m constantly adding new things to it when old ones go…  Again, I’ve got a LOT to learn about having a shop.)
Our little seal friend (a vintage educational chart)  is behind the check out area:
Like I’ve mentioned before, I’m having serious issues not taking everything home with me.  (There’s definitely a painting we were selling from the shop on my mantle at home right now 😉 😉
One of the areas that’s working really well for the interior design side of our business is the bedding & pillow corner:
I’ve selected my favorite linens and blankets and hung them on the wall so they can really be appreciated, taken down, snuggled, whatever… (see pic below with close-up of the textures)   I don’t have any on my bed myself (yet) and have narrowed it down to three that I want to take home 😉 😉  The shelf you see on the left is stocked with handmade soaps, lip balms, lolipops, banners, pillows and throws.  We also JUST got in our candles, along with Le Blanc Laundry products and now the shop smells SO good!!  I’ll be sure to take more pics when I can!!  (Those are on the shelf you can barely see in the right of the pic)
Here’s another little seating area oppposite a beautiful dark brown suede bench I have yet to photograph.  I layered with our collected vintage art and a vintage (Signed 1939) Turkish Kars Rug:
This painting below is probably my favorite… I want it myself.. badly.  It’s called “The Family Circus” and it’s got such a beautiful moody look.  I can stare it at for long periods of time & wonder about it.  We found it at Market and I’m pretending I get to keep it right now.
Setting up a showroom is different from a home in that things sometimes need to go in strange spots, like these two back-to-back chairs.  I love having pretty statement pieces like these mixed in with more basic pieces.
Below is a photo of our bar area.  We had the iron shelves custom made by Tom Owens in Herndon and the sink (found by our junior designer Meghan) is made out of blue stone.  The faucet is in unlacquered brass by Watermark and I gave it some patina with oven cleaner:
I have so many more spots to share -including our design studio and office and will be back to share soon!!
Again, I can’t thank everyone enough for stopping by last weekend- it was SO nice to meet you in person!!  I know many of you aren’t local, so I hope you enjoyed our little virtual tour.  If I can figure out how to post videos, I’ll make a quick video tour to share soon.  Enjoy the holiday rush and big hug.
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