When we decided to move unexpectedly a few  weeks ago, we were in a rush to put our house on the market.  Every little item on our “eventual” To Do List happened in the spane of 10 days…  SO I have a few projects to share with you!
…which had THIS scary mess hiding behind it…
And we lived with it painted for a while with a plywood top, not even installed.  It made our kitchen SO much more functional and I loved it, but it needed to be finished.   Enter last minute house sale and CarrMichael Construction , a butcher block top, and hardware and we got this:
I’m so happy with it and will get to enjoy it for one more month before saying goodbye.
Thanks so much to everyone for all the decluttering tips & tricks!!  If you haven’t had the chance to read the previous post’s comments, check them out for lots of great ideas.  We have ZERO accessible in- house storage in our new house (other than an attic and a teensy spot in our laundry room…  no joke, we don’t even have a LINEN CLOSET!!) so I will be putting every decluttering tip I can to the test!!

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