November 22, 2019

Our Newest Rehab Property – Another ’70s Fixer Upper

Well time’s been flying like usual and we CLOSED on our newest rehab property!!!  We’ve been working on renovating houses for resale (AKA “flipping” though I know that term has negative connotations/ implies cheap quick fixes which is SO not what’s been going on 😉 ) with our Property Collective (our real estate brokerage) co-founders, Maura & Daan DeRaedt.  {Photo above by House & Garden UK.}

Photo of our old bathroom featured in Domino by Brittany Ambridge & inspiration for our newest property


We’ve been focusing on homes in Great Falls because Property Collective is based in Great Falls & we like the idea of improving our own town and making some amazing places for people to live around here.  I would honestly move into BOTH of our current Great Falls Properties and we’re really only making moves on homes that have the potential to be really special and that excite us design-wise.

Here are some pics of the newest property- and this baby needs a name if you have any ideas!!  It’s on five acres and has the most beautiful views out of EVERY SINGLE window!!

We’re doing some SERIOUS rearranging in this house- focusing on making it live larger and adding square footage.  We’re finishing unfinished space in the walk-out basement to make a huge open space, add a guest bedroom with a nice window (and bathroom) and new laundry room to get his house more functional.  The main living level is big but chopped up so we’re working on opening things up a bit and creating purposefully defined spaces.   In the photo below, you can see the foyer and we’ll be opening up the wall on the left and adding sliding barn doors to a study, and we’re moving the powder room you see upon entering to  the left side of the house to increase the footprint of the kitchen and to create a more attractive focal point (art furniture etc) when you first enter the house. (First impressions & all that 😉 )  We’re redoing the floors throughout the house and we’re keeping the doors, which I love, and swapping out the hardware.


This house has an amazing vibe to it.  It’s vintage and modern and just looks out to nature EVERYWHERE!!!  You feel like it’s inside with you and these are my favorites types of houses.


I looooove the great room!! (and this is one of the reasons we fell so hard for this place.)  The fireplace opens on this side to the great room and on the other side to the dining room. (pictured below)



I love me some seventies houses and this one is no exception!!! I’m always into the doors & windows and their thin frames and big views of the outdoors.

Here’s a peek at a room that will become a family room that opens to the kitchen.  Behind the wall you see here will be the new powder room (we’re using the closet for part of it) and then behind that is the study I mentioned that’s accessed by the foyer.  We’ll also be squaring off the entry into this room from the foyer- I’m not big into angles in rooms.


The natural light is so pretty everywhere in here!!!  We’ll be listing before they come back but the house is also surrounded by ferns!!!  I/m obsessed with ferns would love to have a fern grove around my houses… I saved a few to press & use for art in here!!

One of the coolest spaces is one of the secondary bedrooms…

It’s got loft!! How cool?!!!


All carpeting/ tile etc is being replaced and I’m making decisions on these like it’s our own house, making sure I’m crazy about every little thing that goes in here. Anyway, we’ll be sure to share our progress.  I’ve got a video tour of this one and the other one that we’re working on editing to get up on IGTV/ youtube and that really helps to understand the houses.  We’re going to make little episodes similar to HOMEWORK but it’ll be about the houses.  🙂

And now, here are a bunch of photos that get me in the mood for this place.  The vibe is going to be cool, natural, a little modern and a lotta 70s.


Our bedroom at the lake house featured in HABITAT | Photo by Helen Norman


Mountain house dining room I did featured in HABITAT | Photo by Helen Norman


This house reminds me SO MUCH of my favorite house of ours!!  Our house in Oakton (below) was so special and it was there that I really feel for 70s houses.  I’m going for a VERY SIMILAR vibe but I’m taking the palette a little cooler.

Our old living room | Photo by Helen Norman


Here’s an example of the cooler palette I’m going for, though I do want to work in some “glowy browns” too- which always feels 70s to me

by Anita Henske & Ole Damm via Elle Decor


image Source unknown via pinterest

I think black will be making its way into the house.  I want it to have a bit of an edge to it.  It’s just a cool space and I want to showcase that.  Artists owned the property before and youc ould tell that it was really loved so I also want it to feel a bit artsy and bohemian.


Photo by Matthew Williams

We’ll pull in lots of eclectic pieces while still keeping it simple…

Dining Room from my fist book, HABITAT | Photo by Helen Norman


Bathroom by Summer Thornton via Elle Decor

I keep being drawn to concrete kitchens for this place so I may go with concrete countertops or a similar vibe…. Then again, I’m also really feeling soapstone!!!

Photo by Living Etc.

Stay tuned for the video tour and if you’ve got name ideas, I’d love to hear them!! If your’e interested in the property, please reach out to my partner, Daan DeRaedt.  We’ll be going as fast as we can and hope to have it listed in a couple of months!! Our other Great Falls Property will be ready in about a month!! wooohooo!!! I cannot WAIT to share it with you!!!

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