September 7, 2017

Our "New Baby"

Our newest little family member, Aurora Blaire, arrived August 15th and we’re all beyond in love with her!

Watching our four older kids with her is incredible.   They all love how “soft” she is and it’s likely she gets pet more than the dog.  Labor
was great, I’m feeling good, and am just loving this time with the kids.

Gisele, two years old, is OBSESSED with “Baby Woahwa.”  She’s taking her big sister responsibilities very seriously.  The moment Aurora makes
a sound, she runs to her bassinet and let’s us, “Baby’s crying!”  She is super helpful (perfect diaper-fetching age!) but isn’t sleeping very
well in general because she doesn’t want to miss a minute of anything right now.

We’re all adjusting to life with with five and David & I are trying to make sure everyone’s getting enough attention. (Even the geese!)

{Our oldest giving them some QT.}

As some of you might remember, we named Gisele after the ballet ” Giselle” (We went with the single “L” / German spelling because our last name is German)
because I have such good memories of going to the ballet with my mom when I was little…  My mom was a single mom and we lived with my grandparents
and she was super careful with her finances, but she used to take me to ballets & plays whenever possible.  I was obsessed with ballets &
operas and used to force my family to watch my living room performances.  (Let’s just say I had more flair than talent 😉 😉

So when our second daughter arrived, we wanted her to also have a sentimental ballet-related name.  I’ve always been obsessed with Sleeping Beauty
(and Tchaikovsky was probably my most-danced-to living room music thanks to my grandfather) so Aurora just felt right.

{I’ll admit I had the Disney version of Sleeping Beauty’s opening song/ baby announcement song in my head for a week or so.. }

As I’ve been on maternity leave these past three weeks, I’ve had a lot of time to think about things and I’m just so relieved to be settled in our house.
(We have pretty much ALWAYS moved when we have newborns and so to not be readying a house for sale right now & negotiating contracts is a-mazing.)
We’ve got some exciting business plans in the making and it’s great to have some time away from the day-to-day business to really take a look at things
& ponder.

We’re still waiting to find out if our HGTV show will get picked up or not.  The pilot episode has aired twice and we think it
will air again before a decision is made, but we don’t have timing on that yet so I’ll keep you posted.  Everyone has been so positive and supportive
of it so far, so thank you so much for that!! {Filming with the BEST HOUSE ON THE BLOCK crew.  (who were THE BEST! 😉  Tim, our showrunner is clearly a veteran dad and Gisele is a big fan
of his.}

And finally, our hearts & prayers go out to all of those affected by the hurricanes & to the Southeast as they brace for the worst.  We can’t
imagine what they’re going through and are hoping for the best in the Southeast.  It’s amazing to see the positivity & love people are showing
one another after all of the negativity that’s pervaded recently.  It’s been a tragic yet powerful reminder of how we humans still come together
and show love for one another despite all of our differences.  If you’re still looking for some way to help, here’s a list of charities providing help in Texas.

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