March 15, 2011

Our Kitchen/ Pantry Demo & Redo Part 1

You might remember that I have  had a pantry in my kitchen covered by oatmeal-colored painters’s dropcloth curtains:

When we moved in it was a gaping hole that exposed a funny little pantry.  It held a LOT of stuff but in the most unattractive, unorganized, RIDICULOUS manner:
We’ve lived something like the above photo since we moved in almost 2 years ago and kept it hidden behind the curtains.
{more scariness}
We’ve planned since Day 1 to eventually tear it out & open up the wall above the closet and then add cabinetry up to the ceiling for intense storage.  Yesterday afternoon around 1:00 we were at Lowe’s picking up some top soil and grass seed (our lawn is pathetic) and a pergola when we wandered into the unfinished cabintery aisle.  We knew roughly what our dimensions were and piled a bunch of cabinets into our minivan (kids-in-tow) and set out to demo the existing pantry:


We discovered some old wallpaper & even older linoleum and of course enjoyed Taco Bell & pizza, which we pretty much do every time we have a project.  My husband (Dave) is painting the cabinetry today to match our existing gray-green cabinets:
{Behr’s “witch hazel” on our cabinets, photo by Helen Norman}
We need to get the drywall fixed and of course if we were normal people we would have had it done beforehand, but we got too excited to wait yesterday so now that’s on my list of things to do this week.
Here’s an in-progress shot of what it looks like now
{very crooked pic- sorry!}
We’re going to have small thin hidden doors squeezed on either side of the bottom cabinets and I’m going to cover the center panels in a pale oatmeal linen to break up the big expanse of green & add a little interest.  And hardware of course.  Although it’s completely mid-construction and looks trashed I am LOVING the organization!!!  My favorite drawer is full of pasta:
{hello warm fuzzy slippers!}
And the sippy cup & bottle drawer is so easy to get to!!:
On a side note, the grass seed, pergola, and top soil are still in the car.

xoxo, Lauren

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