January 26, 2013

Our kitchen island

In our kitchen, I went back and forth (over and over!!) on what I wanted in our kitchen, and I finally decided we needed some worn wood in it somewhere to add warmth and carry over the rustic feeling from the rest of our house into the kitchen.  I originally planned to do wood perimeter cabinets but then fell in love with a slab of black soapstone, so I liked the idea of the lighter-painted perimeter cabinets with the dark soapstone top and then a darker wood island with a white marble top.  Here you can see our mid-stage kitchen:

Our island is around 8 feet long & can sit four of us…  (Even though you only see 3 chairs above)

Our builders got the kitchen island fucntional and we’ve been doing this for a while:


This island is a WORKHORSE!! Oh my gosh, it’s a beast.  I love it.  It holds our trash, recycling, junk drawer, pasta/rice/randoms, a little bar drawer, kids’ snacks, my vases & mason jars, and then paper goods like paper towels/ plates/cups.  We’ve had parties where we’ve loaded it up with food/ drinks.  (And even beer pong I must admit 😉  For Christmas, it seemed like our entire extended family fit around it easily.  It’s one of the most practical pieces I’ve ever had and I’ve never had anything like this in a kitchen of my own before.  It might be my favorite thing in my house…  And it’s not even pretty yet.

{Reality: My dog is “vacuuming” up our crumbs.  Get it giiiirl.}

BUT… our reclaimed oak arrived this week!!!  It was an amazingly generous gift from David Ellison at the Lorimer Workshop who we often team up with for cour clients’ projects.  David & his team are true craftspeople and everything that arrives from them is so much more beautiful than any photos could show.  Our clients are always over the moon with their Lorimer pieces and we were no less blown away when our reclaimed wood arrived:

(Don’t mind the helicoptor 😉
The color was exactly what I’d asked David for…  It’s stained sort of a warm (but still somehow grayish and not too orangey) medium walnut.  I love how it looks with our light white oak floors.
Here’s a close-up where you can really see the saw marks:


We are having the wood planks applied horizontally over the entire existing island & drawers similar to this:
 They’re all random length, width & depths though, so it will be a bit rougher-looking.
I wanted something special for hardware on the island and on an ebay search Dave, my husband, found prettiest antique apothecary bin pulls:
antique bin pulls
{My computer is being evil and won’t let me flip this photo around}
Thy’re labeled with what the bins used to hold…
Here’s a close-up:


They had the exact number of bin pulls we needed (7) so I’m convinced it was meant to be 😉 😉
Anyway, I’ll keep you posted on our island’s progress and can’t wait to share ‘afters’ of it!!
Have the best weekend!!

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