December 24, 2008

Our first Christmas Tree

Ok, I really have been planning on taking pictures of our Christmas decor for a couple of weeks. But I still haven’t gotten to it, so instead, tonight I’m posting photos of my husband & my first Christmas as married folks in our new townhouse 3 years ago.

We absolutely loved our fireplace. The mantle is from our favorite salvage yard, Lucketts Antiques. We sanded it down (barely- we got impatient! 🙂 and painted it a glossy white to match our trim. We had a real hodgepodge of decor & just sort of threw everything from our old places in at first. In the photo below, the sparkly blue stuff in the center of the table is actually our broken storm door. My husband was trying to take out the screen & put it in & it shattered everywhere!! We used it around in little dishes as sparkly accents. This was a brunch for our parents:

And here’s our living room again. Hanging on the mirror is the white feather wreath everyone but me hates. I can’t help loving it 🙂 —Everyone groans when I whip it out at Christmas time!

Ok, I promise tomorrow I’ll post pictures of this year’s Christmas!!! Thanks for reading!!

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