December 25, 2008

Our Christmas Living Room

And finally some pics of our basement living room! (I still managed to sneak in the dreaded white feather wreath! haha) I had posted this a couple of days ago & then unposted it thinking I woud tweak it a bit more & put it back on when ppl were blogging again but you caught me! 🙂



Here’s a quick before picture so you get the idea. My parents used it for a catch-all:


The hutch (below) is from that salvage yard I always talk about, Lucketts. It is so insanely practical & the back is solid oak beadboard. It’s huge & the bottom is filled with baskets of Christian’s toys that we can just shove inside. It makes for such an easy clean-up!

Here’s out little entry area where we layer lots of family photos & mementos:

Luckily when we moved in, I was able to use drapes & shades I already had. The first thing we did was repaint the paneling:

My mom gave us this little cubby shelf from Target which has ended up being so useful! All the magazines coming in get tossed there & we’ve still got room for books & toys. I also tucked in some silver accents in there for winter which hide toys & crayons. The lamp was my mom’s & used to be blue but I painted it to match the puddy-colored walls.

Here’s our tuckered-out pup, Ashby. The shelf behind her is from Ikea & houses my samples & catalogs.

Here’s the view in from the back entry:

And, here’s our tree! I’ve still never really figured out what to do up top so I threw up some white roses temporarily. Anyone have any ideas for next year?

Well, hope you had a very Merry Christmas!!!


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