April 4, 2014

Our Bedroom Gallery Wall

For today’s Pretty Little Friday, I thought I’d share a quick glimpse into the process I used for laying out such a large collection of art on our bedroom wall.   I had fun with this one!!

I started out by collecting the pieces over time and once I felt like I had enough to begin hanging, I drew (not to scale) a little sketch of my bedroom with blank walls.  I sketched in the furnishings, and on a separate piece of paper, I drew tiny pictures of my botanicals.  I cut them up and started playing with arrangements by moving around the pieces on the bedroom wall sketch.  Once I had one I liked, I took a picture of it so I didn’t have to worry about the little frames sliding all over the place, and used the photo for reference:



At the time I drew the sketch, I was so on the fence about whether or not I wanted to go through with it, but once I saw the sketch, I was in love!  I began hanging the pictures- which is a very organic process for me- not following my sketch perfectly, but rather using it as a guideline to follow.

And here’s how it turned out:



I changed it up a bit and added in an vintage horse picture in the center- we joke that the white one is me and the black one’s Dave because I’m blonde and he’s sort of a brunette. 😉 😉  (Not much hair left though;)  Looks like the horses are scared of something and he’s protecting her but I love it!  The small piece in the center is a framed antique time piece, which I also decided to add in.  I used a combination of antique and vintage frames mixed in with new ones.  I found the antique bookplates and vintage plant photos all over- at antique shops, flea markets and online.  Some of them date to the early 1700s and are something I hope I can pass down to grandkids someday.

My favorite aspect of this arrangement is that it allows me to keep collecting.  It’s not filled in up to the ceiling and whenever I find something to add, I can just add it in up top.  I love the freedom in that.

To view the whole bedroom before and after from yesterday’s post, click here!

Have a beautiful weekend!!

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