September 11, 2012



We spent the weekend moving & it was crazy.  Really really crazy.
We moved into this:
(Well, minus the boxes…  We threw them there in an attempt to get some normalcy happening upstairs.)
Our new house is pretty much down to the studs.
{You can spy our kitchen through the dining room in this pic.  We’re expanding the kitchen 2 feet closer into the dining room & a wall will be going back up.}
There’s a lot of this (below) going on because we’re trying to live here through the construction.
(our foyer, quarantined 😉
We live up here now:
{The upstairs loft living room.  There are 2 bedrooms & a bathroom off of the living room.  Dave & I are squatting in baby Luke’s nursery for now.   We’re eating most meals outside or at the little table on the left.  }
We still have a few things at our old house to do & touch-ups there of course, but we’re almost completely done.  It’s pretty surreal.  I haven’t really had a minute to think about all of the design decisions I need to make for the new place.  There are sooooo many coming up that I’m really excited about but I’ve got too much other stuff on my plate to even really go there right now.  I’m trying not to delay anything constuction-wise!!
 we have a new office!
Check it out:
(The Garage = stylin’ new digs for Lauren Liess Interiors 😉 😉
Although I’m kind of in love with working basically-outside.
Here’s my new spot:
We epoxy’d the floors last week before moving everything in.
My job was to sprinkle the sparkles.
(I had waaaaaaay too much fun with that.)

Have a great week!!! I’ll keep you posted!

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