March 5, 2011

New Irregular Blog Series

As anyone who writes a blog, knows, reading comments from readers is always a bright spot in the day.  I often go back and read them multiple times and either feel good, take mental notes because they’re so informative, laugh, tear up, get excited or just mull them over.  I’ve been thinking about this for a while now…

At the Design Blogger’s Conference, Paloma who writes one of my favorite blogs, La Dolce Vita, mentioned that readers love series & regularity in a blog.  (I know I do)   But, if you’ve been reading my blog for any amount of time, you probably know that I’m not very regular and really don’t know what I’ll write before I actually write it on most days.  The last time I tried a series, it was Pure Organization… Do you remember that?   (Yeah, I doubted you did! 😉   I loved it at first but then having it be so regular started to feel like work to me and I really don’t want any more work.


{Pure Organization Project #2… Redoing the coat closet}

I use this blog as an outlet of sorts and what’s coming “out” of me isn’t very regular.  BUT I have decided that I will start a very tiny not-rigidly-regular blog series called In  your words, in which I’ll share a favorite comment whether it be because its’s informational, inspirational, funny, poignant, etc. from a past post.  I have so many and know could never get to them all, but it’s my small way of thanking you for reading along & taking the time to leave your thoughts.

So… today I’ve got an informational comment to share from the post I wrote waaaay back called Brass is Back, which you can read here. The commenter, Blogardener, writes:

The brass that is so universally hated is actually LACQUERED. Brass, either oxidized or polished, has a lovely mellow warmth. The cheapy builder’s stuff has a bright, almost cool yellow tone. Cool + yellow = blech! You can remove the lacquer for the beautiful metal underneath unless it isn’t solid brass at all, but a brass PLATE that’s been lacquered. That’s the stuff I’d paint or replace.

Brass is gorgeous, mixes well with other metals, historic (the real deal has never gone out of style), and it cleans itself of bacteria every eight hours (oligodynamic effect). Not so with steel or porcelain (which was ironically once a popular replacement for brass knobs because it was thought to be antiseptic).

So glad to see this post!


{Southern Accents Kitchen via Urban Grace blog}

Blogardener does not have a public profile but I will be sure to link back to any commenters that do!  I think what she wrote about the builder’s brass is so true and how to tell if you can/ should redo ir replace.  As with most things in design, trends are in a constant state of flux, so it’s really best to go with what’s right for you and forget about what’s in or out.

Enjoy your weekend!!  Also, I’ll be posting in-progress pictures of the DC Design House on the Pure Style Home facebook page in a little bit if you want to check it out.   (You can click on the left sidebar of the blog to “like” Pure Style Home on facebook.)

xoxo, Lauren

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