May 14, 2014

Mountain House Update

Hello!! The past couple of weeks have flown by and I definitely have Spring fever!! 🙂  We just returned from a trip to visit our family in Tennessee, and stopped at my cousin’s mountain house in North Carolina on the way home to check it out:



I am completely in love with this house.   It’s open and cozy at the same time.  The views are amazing and I can’t wait to see it finished…  which will be way sooner than normal.  We have family visiting this June and my cousin’s on a mission to make it happen ASAP.  So… we’ll be using lots of pieces from our studio, along with lots of late nights designing after hours, and a combination of ready made & custom pieces to make it work.  I’m strangely excited and scared at the same time.  Excited because it’s going to be a fun challenge… and scared because I love my nights & weekends 😉   (But it’s totally worth it!!!)
Here’s a view from the walkway next to the house…  I can’t wait to add a little bistro table and chairs and sit with family and a glass of wine here:
 The land itself is so beautiful and the house has such a strong connection with its setting.  It’s crazy because the land right around the house actually reminds me so much of where our family is from in Guistino, Italy:
We’re simplifying the house and stripping away some of its fussier details.  Everything needs to be super-durable and kid & dirt friendly.  Ready for relaxing and fun!!!  I’ll be back soon with more updates!!  The truck for everything is coming in 1 month so I’ll be sure to show you what’s going inside!!!
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