March 14, 2013

More Photo Shoots and some flower love

Holly owns Holly Heider Chapple Flowers, an amazingly successful boutique flower studio in Leesburg, Virginia.  As I called Heidi this morning, she was preparing for a booked-up seminar and workshop she’s hosting in NYC, where she and other flower experts (including a Martha Stewart Living editor) will be speaking and teaching, getting ready for multiple weddings this weekend, welcoming a new employee on board today… yet she still agreed to help me. (!!)    The woman is a true whirlwind.  In a good way.  My hero.

So…  we’re doing a few last-minute photo shoots for our portfolio of some of my favorite projects.  I’ve been working with one of my clients for about three years now and she’s got a really beautiful style so I cannot WAIT to take these photos!  The other project is a newer one (with progress shots shared a couple of months ago on Instagram) and this family also has really great style.  I think in this industry we give a lot of credit to designers., but the truth is that homeowner’s personal styles and tastes are what really make a home special or a project “great.”  A decorator may be able to create an amazing design, but without an open-minded client who has her or his own amazing sense of style and “gets it” the designer might never get the chance to actually implement that vision.
So… onto photo shoot details:  I am truly running around like a madwoman right now.  One of the most important elements of good photos are flowers and plants.  And I’m seriously behind on it.  So, I called my go-to flower guru, Holly Heider Chapple, who has bailed me out more than once.
Her floral designs are so good!!!  Going to her website and blog just makes me want to have a party.

Holly & I went over what I was thinking about doing for flowers in my clients’ homes, and of course she had even better ideas.   She gets that I like a loose, casual, relaxed arrangements that look as if they were just picked from a home garden.  (She also knows my favorites are green and white and that I like my own flowers a little wild. 😉 😉



If you’re a decorator, when you style your clients’ homes for photo shoots- what’s your flower philosophy and do you have a go-to flower stylist??

ps- Holly’s company also does floral arrangements for homes on a weekly basis if you’re into something like that.  (Sounds like an awesome gift to someone you love- hint hint maybe your spouse if you are reading this and your name starts with a ‘D’??- 😉 😉 
If you’d like help creating a home you absolutely love, contact me about our design services.

*All images in this post are Holly’s*

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