September 27, 2023

Making our new Vegetable Garden- part 1

It’s been a whirlwind summer but we’re back home and have been busy making a NEW kitchen garden. Out first one was a COMPLETE fail (thank you deer!) as we didn’t do much for it, thinking we’d only be here for 6 months or so, but fast-forward TWO years (thank you slooooow construction on our house!) we are still here in our temporary digs. We’ve missed planting and harvesting our own vegetables so much that we decided it would be worth it to get serious and make a true, protected vegetable garden -so here we go! You can watch the episode below OR on our new YouTube Channel.

Episode 1 {click to enlarge}
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Mary H
8 months ago

Iā€™m excited to see this grow!

8 months ago

Lovely idea to put furniture in a

8 months ago

Starting anew after a setback in gardening, as in life, is a testament to one’s resilience and passion. It’s amusing and relatable how plans, such as the temporary stay, can change and stretch out longer than expected. The initial disappointment with the deer and the initial garden resonates with many of us who’ve faced unexpected challenges in our gardening adventures. Yet, your determination to craft a protected vegetable garden speaks volumes about your dedication. It’s exciting to hear that you’re documenting the process on YouTube, offering both experienced gardeners and newcomers a chance to learn and be inspired. Here’s to fresh starts and bountiful harvests! šŸŒ±šŸ…šŸ„¦šŸŒ½ Looking forward to following your garden’s journey on your new YouTube Channel!

8 months ago

Hi Lauren, it’s going to be beautiful. Question: are you centering it to house or property lines, or just finding area with best views?

6 months ago

It sounds like you’ve had an eventful summer, and now you’re busy creating a new kitchen garden. Could you share more about the challenges you faced with the first garden, especially in dealing with deer? What inspired the decision to make a more protected and serious vegetable garden this time, and how has the experience been documented, whether through videos or your new YouTube Channel?

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