January 10, 2013

luxe interiors + design feature

I’m so honored to be featured in this issue of luxe interiors + design magazine as a “style maker” and I thought you might like to see a little peek at the article. (!! 🙂   This is the second DC issue so far and I’m really excited to have a new great design magazine for our area.

Photographer Greg Powers came to visit our (mid-construction-contractor-filled) home a couple of months ago to take my portrait in our studio and was soooooo great to work with. Greg took a bunch of pictures that day in various outfits – most way more casual/relaxed than this one 😉 😉  I was pretty uncomfortable at first (as I usually am when getting my picture taken) and so Greg said to think of “your kids” as he was taking the pictures.  And I did.  It really seemed to make a difference in how my eyes looked (“smizing” as they say??) in the photos, although the photo they ended up selecting wasn’t one of the “kid-thinking” pics.

The article focuses on my line of textiles, how I got started with them and what inspires the designs.

Part of the interview was about what inspires me (right now I’m really loving following people on instragram), what (or who 😉 😉 I wear– anyone who knows me knows I’m really not big into labels so my response is kind of funny to me (I’ve had this crazy floral green Badgley Mischka gown hanging in my closet with the tags on for years now that I have nowhere to wear…  Every time we have some sort of industry event my assistant jokes about me wearing it out.)  who I’d love to work with one day (Bobby McAlpine & Greg Tankersley) , projects I’m working on right now, and I what I’d be doing if I weren’t designing…

The two fabrics they showed photos of are Thistle in Sepia and Fern Star in yellow, some of my favorites:

(They included a photo of my dream architects’ work 😉

…And they also called me a “free spirit” which made me happy.  (And laugh, because I’ve never thought of myself that way before.  I think it sounds way better than “crazy,” which is how I often view myself.)

{The cover}
I have to be really honest with you that reading this article was so cool for me.  I never truly imagined that I’d have a fabric line one day, let alone one that people would take any notice of & so it feels kind of surreal.  For some reason, putting fabric designs out feels like a really vulnerable art form to me…  You’re laying it all out there and a lot of the designs I create are really personal, so I feel like part of my story is out there, waiting for judgement.
..But also waiting to be enjoyed and appreciated by others.  I love that people can bring things that I’ve made into their homes and enjoy them.  It’s different from designing homes (which I absolutely love in a totally different way)…  it’s a bit more “la dee da” in my head and I do exactly what I want with the designs to get exactly the feeling I want.  Then people can pick what they like from what I’ve made.
(me, being “free” 😉 😉
Anyway, enough rambling, but if you get the chance, I’d love for you to check out the new issue of luxe!!
I’m really thankful to have been included.

If you’d like help creating a home you absolutely love, contact me about our design services.

ps- Last photo is by Helen Norman

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