December 31, 2008

Lucketts Design House

So I wanted to take you on a little virtual tour of one of my favorite places to shop, the Lucketts Design House:

It’s this old house with some outbuildings full of an ever-changing array of awesome furnishings & home accents. They change it seasonally & it’s only open on weekends so it’s always a treat. It’s run as a specialty shop of Lucketts Antiques (the salvage yard/ antiques store I always rave about) which I’ll be posting about soon. Here’s the bridgeway into the Design House:

They have crazy things like this bird house just set up everywhere:

And this griffin guarding the entry:

This is the back entry into the house:

The colors are always changing. I took these pics right after Chrismas so it’s all holiday stuff:
I love their kitchen (below). Howmuch fun are the stools?!

Cute b&w checkerboard floor:

This back entrance porch is one of my favorite rooms. I love the floors & pale blue paneling:


Here’s a huge hutch in the kitchen that stands in the exact spot where I got my hutch! (I always have to check out what’s there instead! 🙂

Here’s the front entryway (below):

View in from another room:


Here are some of the rooms on the first floor:

Fun lamp:

Check out what they’ve done with this salvaged mantle”

Big, fun lantern:

Ok, this table is on my dream table list. It’s reclaimed elm & is so rough & natural. LOVE IT. (Actually I’m very into the drum shade too)

I always love this room & want to buy the down-filled sofas.
Loving this bench & hide rug: (should I feel guilty??)

Quirky lion print= fun

The pretty Christmas mantle & flocked tree:

Such gorgeous old doors:

A console version (below) of my dining room table 😉 😉


I guess I’m into the cow hide right now because this is great to me: (More cowbell anyone??)


And you know I love decorative balls of all shapes & sizes! (These were some type of wood composite I think? Really light & hollow)

Cute snowmen:

Woven coffee table:


Here’s an upstairs room. They’ve got it set up as this crazy dining room right now:

There are so many rooms!!

Here’s another upstairs dining room:

How fun is the armoire in the background below? (Would be a great project to try!)

Here’s one of the bedrooms. This one is usually full of darker colors:

These shell pieces below are AMAZING. (They always carry a few of these) The carvings are just so beautiful. I think if you had a room with simpler lines this could be a really beautiful contrast:

This bedroom is so light & airy:

They really do a great job squeezing in a ton of merchandise without it feeling too terribly cluttered:
Some great inspiration for older pieces:


Pretty bed. I’m really into the wall colors. Just so fresh & happy:


And you know how I feel about raw wood. I need one of these mirrors:

Or this mirror (below)… & the chair is great upholstered in a rough burlap-like linen:

More mirros & that lamp is really tall! It’s just a great place to find pieces with some real character for a bargain:

Haha, yes, I definitely loved the feeling in this bedroom so here’s one last picture:


Here’s the bathroom where they have lots of great little gifts:

Here’s the upstairs hallway with the ever-changing art wall:

More fun balls:

These tables (below) are great! (Haha when I was designing a line of furniture a couple of years ago I SO thought I made up this concept until I walked into a store & saw it! 🙂 But I really do love it when designers takes a furniture piece that is traditionally wood & switches it to metal or vice versa.

Below, a little too curvey for me peronsally, but they still do such a beautiful job of displaying & there’s really something for everyone:

Such unique pieces:

Here’s this really cool bar. If my basement didn’t need to be my living room, I’d totally go for this baby: (One day! 😉

And now back downstairs to one last room:

There’s not much more I can say, but that if you are ever in the area, you have to stop by!!!! (And they also always have treats in the kitchen!! Good stuff too- like hot spinach & artichoke dip!!)
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3 years ago

Hi Lauren!

I a big fan of you and your work. You are an inspiration as a designer and business lady to me. I am reading your old posts to learn more about your journey… and see if i can learn something from it.

Thank you so much for sharing your secret shopping place. I wished I lived close to this place. I would go there at least once a week!

I love reading your old posts! They are so sweet!


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