February 28, 2012

Love this Milk Bottle

You know those little things you find that are really no big deal but just make you so happy? They get you just a teensy bit more excited to do some sort of mundane thing?

Well, I found this adorable little milk bottle at Target the other week.    I’ve been filling it up at night so it’s all ready to go for breakfast & because of this little bottle, I get to sit down so much quicker in the mornings & the table looks prettier.  Instead of standing at the bar fixing cereal for the kids with the gallon, I can just plop the bowls on the table with the cereal and SIT without having to go back to the fridge for more milk for seconds.  (That may not sound like such a big deal , but I’m pregnant and it is to me in the morning 😉

It holds enough for a few bowls of cereal and a couple of little glasses of milk which is just right for us.  I’ve been using it for other meals too.  (Normally we have dinner all ready & we sit down & have forgotten our drinks & one of us is back up getting drinks.  Pretty much always.  Well, with the magic milk bottle (it’s getting higher up in importantance to me as I write this post) we can just set out the glasses when the table’s being set and plop the milk bottle on the table.  (It stays cold for a while too!)    I love this thing!!
I might have to go get more of these.  I’m not sure how many I’d need to empty a gallon…
ps- I can’t believe I just wrote an an entire post about a milk bottle, but I guess that’s what blogs are for, right?

xoxo, Lauren

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