April 30, 2013

LL Textiles

Things have been busy with our fabric line, Lauren Liess Textiles.  I’ve been working on some new designs and I’ve also added some new colorways to the existing line.  I got them in on Friday and I’m so excited so I had to share with you!!!

{Squid Flower in Wine and Fern Star in Sepia}


Bringing in these most recent colorways has really gotten the line where I want it to be.  These are the colorways I’ve been after…  earthy, inky and vintage-feeling.  The line is where I want it to be and I can really feel the collection taking on a life of its own.  I’m becoming more confident in what it is I want to put out there and the feeling I want the collection to have.  Although drawing is difficult for me, I’ve learned that I like how my drawings are ending up, and that somehow, as a medium, textiles are working for me.  I might not necessarily like a drawing of mine framed on a wall, but colored the way I want it colored and put into a repeat in a textile, I’m happy with how it turns out.

I love seeing the transformation of drawing into actual textile.  (It’s kind of like getting your photo airbrushed!! 😉

{Buttercup, which I drew in the car on the way to visit my dad in Illinois last summer}
{A pillow in buttercup}

Some of my favorite parts about textile designs are figuring out how I want a design to connect to itself and repeat.  It’s sort of like a brain teaser. Once you decide what you’re drawing, you have to draw it so it fits together like a puzzle.

{Buttercup in Black}

I know in terms or what’s “right” my technique (or lack of it) is totally elementary….  but I’m not after creating    examples of great textile “designs”…  I’m after creating a fabric or wall covering or whatever that I’ll (and hopefully others too!) have an emotional reaction to.  Something that I love and want to incorporate into my home or others’ homes.  To me, it’s not about technique, it’s just about the feeling the piece has when it’s done.


I’m often drawn to blockprinted fabrics with no intertwining at all, like in Squid Flower, below:

or Fern Star:

Other times, I make each repeat itself obvious because part of the interesting thing about the pattern is the shape the repeats make meeting.

The new colorways are in and I’m working on a 15 foot long window seat in our upstairs loft to layer with pillows in lots of my prints.  Wild Chicory will definitely be on there because it was my first design (and my logo!)…

I’m in the process of putting together memo books to show to select to-the-trade showrooms in hopes that they will decide to carry our full collection.  It’s a time-consuming process and it’s a little nerve-wracking.  I’m so crazy about the collection but am not a sales person at all so it’s not coming easy to me.  I made a call a couple of weeks ago to an amazing showroom in LA and before even asking my name or looking up my patterns or website or anything, I got the “there’s no room at the Inn” (showroom) door politely shut in my face.  :/   haha  ouch
It’s totally to be expected though, and I’m sure I’ll get a lot more of those before I find the right fits.  I’ve learned that you can’t just call a company up like that too…  So I might be travelling a bit to get everything off the ground properly.  But I’m excited about this new venture!!  The fabrics are so personal to me and I love working on this part of the business.
Keep your fingers crossed for me – I need all the help I can get!!

I’m working on some new designs week and will share as soon as they’re ready.  Also, some of you have asked how you can view the entire collection of order memos.  You can view it at www.purestylehome.co and just click on “LL Textiles.”  I haven’t updated the site with some of the newest patterns and colorways yet and am working on it so as soon as they’re all up, I’ll let you know!!  If you’ have an account with us (or want to set one up) and need some of the new colorways or patterns before they’re up, just contact meghan@thepurestyle.com

Have a great day!!

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