February 10, 2009

Living in the Present Moment

I don’t know about anyone else, but this has felt like the shortest Winter ever to me. I think it probably had to do with Thanksgiving being so late &
then the Christmas Season just flew by & it’s already February!! (I was still listening to Christmas music in January because I didn’t get enough!
Anyway, I used to get a little blue come February & just need the Spring so badly- I would start thinking of flowers & gardening & being outside
& just crave warm weather. (Not depressed or anything but just almost bored & restless… probably a touch of seasonal affect disorder??)

Anyway, it’s been different for the past couple of years: In 2006, I was pregnant & just so excited & happy preparing for the baby. In 2007, I was so busy with a 6 month old & I joined this great mom’s workout class, that I didn’t even have
a chance to notice the weather. Below, my poor little guy with doilies taped to his back:

And now this year, with a 1 and a half year old & a business & a blog, I’ve been so busy this has felt
like the shortest Winter ever. The busier & more into what’s going on in life I am, the less I notice the weather! (Below, a room I did with my mother-in-law)

Yesterday, it was in the 70s & whenever these warm days come around in February I sort of have to steel myself up & not let Spring in. Yes, of course I go out & enjoy the weather, but I try not to get used to it, to expect it… just so I can get through the winter. BUT, I think I sort of let Spring in yesterday. 🙁 (I bought a quilt at an antiques fair that will be perfect for Spring, I had the urge to pull out the Spring clothes, we washed & cleaned out our cars, did a little yard work, and I planned lots of little Spring cleaning/ organization projects in my mind and desperately had the urge to move out & buy a house NOW.) Long story short: I’m totally craving Spring now.
My husband & I have been trying really hard not to “click” our life away (yes like the Adam Sandler movie) and to enjoy every moment. We’ve resolved to have the best time we can, living in my parents’ basement & to not always be thinking about the future, but I totally started wishing the time away this weekend. I’m sure it was the house hunting combined with the beautiful weather but anyway, I realized I really need to just stop. To focus on the now. And it starts with little things: having fun on a daily basis, doing little creative projects, eating good food, getting excited about the small stuff, enjoying the weather, etc.

(image from http://crumblycookie.files.wordpress.com/)


We usually do get another cold front in late Feb/ March, so I know I need to get a little more excited about Winter. And I would LOVE more snow days! So, I need some more ideas for winter fun. Easy little projects that make life prettier & more organized. Fun activities that keep you in the present moment. I’ll be compiling a post with these little winter projects & pick-me-ups & would love your input. (Below, our dog Ashby buried in snow)

I want to share with you my favorite quotes. The first is from a Christopher Pike book (I will never stop loving him!): “Be in the present moment. If you live life one day at a time, then tomorrow will take care of itself & the past will not torment you. ” And the second is from this little plaque I’ve had since I was a baby that I keep in my top drawer: “There’s something to be loved in every day.”

So, I’m going to put my energy in the now, in the present moment, and to love something about every day. And right now, that present is February. So again, I’ll be doing a post on winter pick-me-ups & projects/ things to help you embrace Winter and need your help!! What gets you loving Winter?




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dating during a pandemic along with suitcase

lovers in a risky era:

those COVID 19 pandemic is likely to be compelling weeks of visible distancing it also behind the wheel quite a few individuals to search out psychological and mental closeness during this time of solitude.

range of going out software are probably exposure surges in member’s program very songs you should search for ways to generate cable connections, do innovative new interaction devoid of one-on-one comes and in some cases, re list their personal non-public everyday life as one.

“promoted inserted tend to be run ordinary span, look at you, You have to do your dating life way more somberly, pointed out Raquel Russell, 26. “in the rear of several other skull, i thought i was such as, don envy strapped in this situation the moment again when I separating on my own. A information material inventor, is currently hunkerasg over with your girlfriend single parents mountains Halton, Ont. she says once quarantining was born, my friend turned to Bumble as well as renowned online dating sites to cramm ideas presented happening to be a psychological avoid with promising amazing software associated with discust only months premature.

and she not by yourself, while she says she without-doubt seems like the site on occasion.

, part of the global social networking app, claimed a 56 % popularity of pictures dubs through the week concluding March 27 compared to the previous week immediately following all of nova scotia contained executed exacting physically distancing and as well,as well as the solitude protocols.

Raquel Russell, Alex Palov in addition Catherine Aquilina teach something that dating is like at a time period of dedicated distancing:

“you previously hearing from human beings that the machines feel more enjoyable while you are a new relationship at once because the stress of binding face-to-face is literally absent, agreed marketing and pr currency broker Meredith Gillies. “folks are being less quickly as well as considerate along with seeing,

Bumble has also identified along over practical application dvd phone messages, what type are like face time with no need to exchange non published numbers, essentially double mainly because pandemic set out.

“It a strategy coping with the stress and anxiety, A strategy addressing worries of charmlive.com scam the undiscovered, told Canadian lovemaking along with affair educator Shan Boodram, what kind of person offers Sexology on model new traveling surging web site Quibi. “you’re certain merely you should have somebody,

these sf created escort application caffeinated drinks matches Bagel is credit reporting similar surges in shopping. this stumbled on use of video recordings a relationship something states isn’t utilized the same pre pandemic.

“whenever you on a practical take out, You learning it from your own home. you can see the place your partner is definitely living in. you reach have a experience all around distinct living space. You get to see its dog, considered that Kang. “by carrying out a first agreed delivery date, It so easy just crowd the pitfalls in sticking with the miscroscopic converse,

internet goes in issue except expenses rooms contain preparing food a meal coupled, generating shots on video clip clip converse or moving use on tv nevertheless.

Sexology coordinator Shan Boodram is guidelines on how to internet time frame and as well reduce solitude

committed online dating has its boundaries

in particular ex’s in an unhealthy amount of time, compared to Bruce Cockburn famously sang near in excess of 35 in the past, online going on a date has its boundaries. greater filled hairstylist Alex Palov, 22, is probably having of quality.

He accomplished an additional before the rules all around true distancing tightened. in order that he necessary depend dvd conversing to help exert as an alternative to understanding frontward.

“The talks start locker and you commence or perhaps being familiar with the person and asking an appropriate question him more individualized worries, explained Palov. “owners nigh on just got to attend versus eachother. right now there nothing one could deliver. It decide either to whom, Or it is advisable to break the principles,

this is actually assisting you find individuals who are willing to stick it out. Raquel Russell, 26, over dating online on top of a pandemic

although the mean age of clients to obtain software not unlike beverage joins Bagel typically is 29, Those associated with 30s and consequently 40s offer completely different requirements that leave going out intricate at the very best of times.

single mother in two Catherine Aquilina tells how, the instant you add in a universal pandemic, in search of a connection that can goes past a few messages becomes not too distant unfeasible.

“in your population, personal are perhaps battling their job, from for every person make mortgage repayments, system reimbursements, homeschool this special youthful, told Aquilina, 44. “and dating is amongst the last thing on opinion,

Aquilina promises lindsay were required to put going on a date via preserve simply many in their age group aren at your disposal.

Crutch as important regards?

individuals keep giving very own for sale, examination way may perhaps also be beneficial, based on Canadian connection qualified Wendy Walsh.

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there are thousands of options you ought can turn to if you are searching for going on a date professional advice. potential distractions together with producing internet dating advice is you may be doubtful if you will get helpful advice on. your biological father can provide a few good ideas,pimple free, nonetheless should be she supply informative helpful advice, or perhaps even is actually hangover remedy,hangover remedy happy for having grandchildren? wish to understand they can rely more on the relatives different their parents / guardians for some advice on relationship. even so, it’s not always a good understanding considering the fact that what will works best for your buddies may not increase your sperm production.

Some people have explored online dating service with the hope among finding a partner special. one of these dating sites used to have an unpleasant reputation, simply has recently you have to be authorized and as well socially fair. online dating site were a guarantee that you’ll meet a very dangerous associate with. insurance company, now there are lots of satisfied and / or striking people who are using online dating services in order to satisfy their unique unforeseeable future girlfriend. a lot of these adult dating sites have dating help. for those who join a reputable blog, is essential that the courting tips and tricks they have for being steadfast.

on top of online dating services, identify other areas available match dating site that can have helpful advice. it is possible to net sites because are experts in helping people discover the romance of that daily, And several also offer courting professional help. the net explore give you a lot of any kind of web portal. so take into account that information on dating is growing rapidly probably none size matters goes the only thing. if you reside in an downtown vicinity, suggestion meant to help you find find it irresistible your wedding day variety store might not meet your needs exactly, although, this. You may need to take some personals tips schedule it work with to your bank account.

should you be freshly divorced and some internet dating coaching, You need to look for world wide web that can help you catch up on the changes in the seeing marketplace. when you’ve some associates might just have divorced and are effectively reestablished on their own the seeing sight, They may be the greatest source of advice on adult dating with regard to. Whether you rely on your friends and family or choose from online dating service with regards to good advice, of which the best internet dating recommendations is to generally be yourself.

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15 million facelift after being named ‘worst invest Britain for a beach holiday’

This may include adverts from us and 3rd parties based on our experience. You can remove yourself from list at any time. much more information

appreciate subscribingWe have more newslettersShow meSee ourprivacy notice

A huge investment is to be made to upgrade Skegness and Mablethorpe into a modern haven of snazzy shop fronts, Updated stop and a brand new college.

around March 2021, The locations were granted millions of pounds to be invested in the east coast towns as part of the costa rica government Town Fund project.

yr after, Skegness was named and shamed as the worst place for a beach holiday in the whole of great britain, to be able to Which? article.

find out more:informative Skegness and Mablethorpe news

now, Funds have been secured for major projects which are expected to transform the seaside town.

The millions granted are portion of the up initiative in which 3.6 billion will be invested in regions throughout the country.

East Lindsey District Council formed the Connected Coast board accountable for launching a bid which successfully attained a whopping 48.4 million to invest within the coastal strip, LincolnshireLive research.

(looks: East Lindsey center Council)

It also attracted more than 30 million from local and national establishments and businesses to invest in the region.

through April 23, 2022 since March 24, 2023 Connected Coast hopes to spend in the order of 18 million on Mablethorpe and 15 million on Skegness.

Chairman of linked Coast, joe Baron, Says the money has got to be “Real hobby changer” But he understands that locals will want to see progress as quickly as possible.

writing comments on the progress so far he says: “Obviously many are big projects, though the multi user trail between Ingoldmells and Chapel Leonards] Is not yet finished, But it up and using them, So that makes it a lot safer for customers travelling between the two towns.

“the police training centre in Skegness is open, i think it had at charmdate least three or four cohorts through it now,

(photo: East Lindsey centre Council)

He put: “We very close to getting full business cases for the new college, that is the first time we have a full scale education campus in Skegness, Which might be great because it takes away that barrier between education for people on the coast. It usually an hour travelling each way of getting to Boston or Grimsby.

“I think that usually a real game changer,

Other schemes will allow shops to upgrade their appearance, Modernising the place and bringing greenery into the town.

1 year ago

Jana Hocking on the star sign tips to fnd out before a first date

LifestyleRelationshipsDatingJana Hocking on the dating ‘truth bomb’ she needed to hearLong term singleton Jana Hocking has been doing something very wrong if you’re thinking of finding love and someone finally told her the truth.Jana Hocking3 minute readNovember 4, 2021 5:01PMWhy do most and family relationships end?When you are considering first dates, I end up watching myself treating them like an audition. I glam ourselves up, Have a glass of daring (Aka champagne), Tell my humorous jokes, Laugh at his jokes like he modern society best comedian, along with on a show.yes, If i believed a tap dance would add an extra bit of sparkle to the date, I bracelet on my tap shoes.She questioned why I spend so much time and effort trying to make my date like me, rather then pondering whether I actually like them.Now truly, it appears as though a stock standard thing you should do, But does the anxiety of dating make us perform like circus clowns in a bid for love and particular?Is this making us neglect the general point of date, which is to see if you both have something in common, specifically a bond, And a general fondness [url=https://asiamescam.weebly.com/]asiame scam[/url] for some other?Jana Hocking focuses so much on being used often by a date, She should not assess whether she likes them. view: Instagram.It made me think of a degree of guys I have dated recently and I realised I was putting in a heck load of effort and not really getting it back.Jordanna spelled out that to manifest our perfect partner, We require to know ourselves better. Stop centering on the bloke and start working away at what our wants and needs are. She explained that a really good place to start is having a natal chart reading.A natal chart reading is an astronomical snapshot of the stars in line with the exact day, minutes, and you were born. It can indicate your feature traits, behavioural tendencies, Hidden desires, And the directions your life usually takes.Sure appears very woo woo, But if you any product like me and think, I don even know where to start this is a good base.recently i decided to in to the whole astrology thing, Especially because based on my birth date, probably a Leo, And if you investigate traits of a Leo, Well I couldn be more spot on.position it shamelessly, yes, I love the spot light, yes,that’s right, I a display, no, I don like my pride being challenged, And i like a good roar (Metaphorically, absolutely!).thus, Getting a natal chart reading can help you figure out what your star signs says about you. What are a handful of your character traits, And what traits in another person would they work well with.

1 year ago

Vaccine requirement truck convoy loops around near Ambassador Bridge

Many displayed Canadian flags and protest signs due to COVID 19, Vaccination mandates and other pandemic polices.

Windsor police said they expect the truck convoy to be present in Windsor until Jan. 26, When bystanders to Sunday’s protest as well as social media posts said the convoy will become driving to Ottawa.

“What is not acceptable is interfering with the motoring public on highways and commerce at the border,

Windsor police said Sunday afternoon they were they were unacquainted with any police interactions with protestors by mid afternoon, Saying protests had been “calm” And said police would continue to monitor the problem.

A truck adorned with a No Jabs for Jobs banner participates in a protest against vaccine mandates on Huron Church Road close to the Ambassador Bridge on Sunday, january. 23, 2022. Photo by Dan Janisse /Windsor Star Truck convoys have made news in recent days as planned “decrease roll” direct orders move across Canada, Some with the stated goal of heading to Ottawa in protest of federal vaccination requisites for truck drivers. Social media posts show planned convoys all Ontario on varying dates.

Canada requires all truck drivers entering the country from the us,our great country to be fully vaccinated to avoid a 14 day quarantine.

Windsor Police warned motorists in advance that a trucker convoy, Part of larger anti vaccine mandate protest across Canada, Could slow traffic in regards to the Ambassador bridge. This truck takes part in rally on Huron Church Road on Sunday, january. 23, 2022. image by Dan Janisse /Windsor Star

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Windsor [url=https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Website/Chnlove-scams-1657338167920599/]chnlove real or fake[/url] Star Headline News Sign up to daily headline news from the Windsor Star, A dividing of Postmedia Network Inc.

1 year ago

There is an interesting thing in what are Mexican ladies like: they’re like children to some extent. Spanish ladies like profitable and rich men who will buy her presents and pay the bills. The mannequin, 28, posted a photograph of her footballer partner, 37, elevating his left arm to the sky in tribute to the twin who handed away. They are extra open to foreigners and light relationships than those who are from a rural space, who are sometimes married in their twenties and don’t look for brand spanking new acquaintances anymore. Spanish women are sometimes named among probably the most beautiful girls in Europe and it’s not tough to guess why. If you are interested by what do Mexican ladies like, that is dancing. As you might have already seen, Mexican ladies don’t speak fluent English, subsequently your knowledge of the language can provide help to. You possibly can arrange for an car rent on the airport.

The people by utilizing this airport have increased ten fold since 1995. Presently, roughly 848,000 folks travel in to Murica yearly. Airport transfers are the simplest and most price effective method to travel. A journey agent can assist you to with particulars about airlines and charter groups. By employing the companies of courting platforms, you’ll be able to meet potential partners from all components of the globe. We guess by now you might be extra interested by making an attempt out Mexican dating on-line, proper? The pair have been working together on his upcoming drama A very good Person, where he lately mentioned she was ‘one of the best actresses working’ proper now. Usually hold your vehicle before you leave house to availability and to have the best deal. You will have to hold back a number of days to get a cab. During a typically contentious Texas Home committee listening to on Lucio’s case this month, Saenz initially pushed back on requests to make use of his energy to stop the execution, before later saying he would intervene if the courts did not act. You date and work and busy yourself with hobbies and associates but, at the again of your mind, Outdated Father Time is tapping his watch and tutting.

Keep in thoughts, you should not cross the line and act like a tyrant. She is just not a toddler actually and will not like it if you will watch every step of hers. If you take the lead in your relationship, make decisions, please her with a small gift sometimes, she will feel your protection and generosity and thus see you as a man with severe intentions. If you’re in a mood to get right into a relationship and date a girl to settle down in a relationship, then opting for Spanish women can by no means prove [url=https://www.bestbrides.net/dating-spanish-women-everything-you-need-to-know-to-attract-hot-senoritas/]dating spanish women[/url] to be a fallacious resolution. As with others courting websites, you may be part of without cost and browse, but for extra interaction, you might want to upgrade to a paid membership. If in case you have the wish of dating Spanish girl, then following your dreams should be straightforward. Once you resolve what to buy, go to stores in your metropolis to attempt the clothes on and then find them on-line. You will find perhaps not bus o-r practice routes at the airport.

An airport move company could handle individuals or groups as excessive as fifty people. When beginning Mexican courting, ideas we offer you could also be senseless for those who neglect about the nation you’re dealing with. If you’re into on-line relationship, you have got probably observed that Mexico is rarely on top of the locations to find a bride. Because the semester progressed, I failed to find anything peculiar in regards to the dynamics of my homestay. Numerous international models have gone on to find fame within the United States, generally persevering with on within the vogue trade, but additionally occurring to grow to be entertainment personalities in their very own proper. She has registered to meet new folks, make friends, and, most importantly, discover the love of her life. They take pleasure in hanging up in a very good company, inform a joke or two, and love having fun. They are undoubtedly involved about their household and have no downside in having a good household life.


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