February 10, 2009

Living in the Present Moment

I don’t know about anyone else, but this has felt like the shortest Winter ever to me. I think it probably had to do with Thanksgiving being so late &
then the Christmas Season just flew by & it’s already February!! (I was still listening to Christmas music in January because I didn’t get enough!
Anyway, I used to get a little blue come February & just need the Spring so badly- I would start thinking of flowers & gardening & being outside
& just crave warm weather. (Not depressed or anything but just almost bored & restless… probably a touch of seasonal affect disorder??)

Anyway, it’s been different for the past couple of years: In 2006, I was pregnant & just so excited & happy preparing for the baby. In 2007, I was so busy with a 6 month old & I joined this great mom’s workout class, that I didn’t even have
a chance to notice the weather. Below, my poor little guy with doilies taped to his back:

And now this year, with a 1 and a half year old & a business & a blog, I’ve been so busy this has felt
like the shortest Winter ever. The busier & more into what’s going on in life I am, the less I notice the weather! (Below, a room I did with my mother-in-law)

Yesterday, it was in the 70s & whenever these warm days come around in February I sort of have to steel myself up & not let Spring in. Yes, of course I go out & enjoy the weather, but I try not to get used to it, to expect it… just so I can get through the winter. BUT, I think I sort of let Spring in yesterday. 🙁 (I bought a quilt at an antiques fair that will be perfect for Spring, I had the urge to pull out the Spring clothes, we washed & cleaned out our cars, did a little yard work, and I planned lots of little Spring cleaning/ organization projects in my mind and desperately had the urge to move out & buy a house NOW.) Long story short: I’m totally craving Spring now.
My husband & I have been trying really hard not to “click” our life away (yes like the Adam Sandler movie) and to enjoy every moment. We’ve resolved to have the best time we can, living in my parents’ basement & to not always be thinking about the future, but I totally started wishing the time away this weekend. I’m sure it was the house hunting combined with the beautiful weather but anyway, I realized I really need to just stop. To focus on the now. And it starts with little things: having fun on a daily basis, doing little creative projects, eating good food, getting excited about the small stuff, enjoying the weather, etc.

(image from http://crumblycookie.files.wordpress.com/)


We usually do get another cold front in late Feb/ March, so I know I need to get a little more excited about Winter. And I would LOVE more snow days! So, I need some more ideas for winter fun. Easy little projects that make life prettier & more organized. Fun activities that keep you in the present moment. I’ll be compiling a post with these little winter projects & pick-me-ups & would love your input. (Below, our dog Ashby buried in snow)

I want to share with you my favorite quotes. The first is from a Christopher Pike book (I will never stop loving him!): “Be in the present moment. If you live life one day at a time, then tomorrow will take care of itself & the past will not torment you. ” And the second is from this little plaque I’ve had since I was a baby that I keep in my top drawer: “There’s something to be loved in every day.”

So, I’m going to put my energy in the now, in the present moment, and to love something about every day. And right now, that present is February. So again, I’ll be doing a post on winter pick-me-ups & projects/ things to help you embrace Winter and need your help!! What gets you loving Winter?




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