May 9, 2012

Little Houses & The RTMC Playhouse Project

This Victorian cottage below is adorable.  I wouldn’t want a pink house in my backyard (I’ve got boys) but I just love how the roses are growing up the cottage and the curvy garden path that leads to it:

There’s something about kids’ playhouses that I’m crazy about. I used to looooooove my treehouse when I was a little girl & I spent hours up there making it perfect.  Today in our own backyard play”shed,” I love seeing my boys (4 and 2) so entertained & excited.
I’ve been in touch with a local housing nonprofit organization, Rebuilding Together Montgomery County, for the past year or so about an amazing fundraising event  taking place this May.  RTMC is auctioning off 8 one-of-a-kind playhouses & the money raised will go towards the organization, which provides free home repairs to low-income homeowners in Montgomery County.  They focus on helping those with disabilities, making homes safer for seniors (fall prevention) and they place a huge emphasis on serving our veterans.  RTMC strives to help others maintain homeownership and helps keep its families warm, safe and independent.  They’ve recruited 8 builders/remodelers to construct playhouses in a variety of themes to be auctioned off (& display through the month of May in Bethesda)  on May 31st.
There are photos of the 8 houses being auctioned online (you can even bid online) but they’re exterior photos of the houses sitting on their display sites in Bethesda, so I thought it would be fun to take a look at a bunch of other playhouses that are installed in permanent spots & also check out some interiors.  Above, I love the cedar house & its wavy roofline.  It’s nestled under a willow tree, which is perfection!!
{image via pinterest}
OK, this next one is Heaven…
A rooftop deack?!!!  loooove!!
{image via pinterest}
And I kind of want this one (below) to be my real house:  (I think this one might be for grown-ups but I had to include it because I’m so in love with it.)

Even the interiors of kids’ playhouses can be amazing…

How cute is this?!:


And seriously???…..
Ok, these might be better than most kitchens!!
Here’s a shed version where the family converted a standard shed into a playhouse like we did…
{I’m actually not sure if this is for kids or for a very girly gardener…  The boots look kind of big.  So cute though.}
And the next playhouse has 2 floors.  Here’s the kitchen on the first floor:


And here’s the upstairs little loft!!!:
Would love to nap there!!!
And finally, here’s a look at our playhouse (shed).  From the outside it looks like a normal shed:
{can you please imagine it with lots of pretty landscaping around it?? we’re still in the middle of that 😉
But inside, it’s the “fun” shed:
I covered the floors with an outdoor area rug from and we’ve filled it with our nature finds & old bottles & “kitchen goods” (ie empty cans 😉
We made the botanical prints above out of plants in our yard, which we photocopied & labeled.
The boys feed me when I hang out in there on the bench… It’s usuallya meal of olive oil and leaves…

Here’s where I’ve been flopping lately:

My boys are actually pretty calm when they play in the playhouse (a big change for them) and they’ll even cuddle with me and we look up at the ceiling at our globe & sing songs…
Lately we’ve been pretending the playhouse is a pirate ship.  We were out there during a rain storm last week & it was perfect.
…Anyway, our playshed is one of my favorite things we’ve done at our house & we actually spend a good amount quality family time playing there.  (It also converts into a bar during adult parties where we stack the kitchen shelves with beverages & load it up with coolers 😉 😉 I can’t recommend doing one of these enough if you can.
And finally, here’s a look at a few of the sheds that are being auctioned off….  (in case you’ve got the perfect spot for one!! 😉
The epitome of the “playhouse”-


{I love this one and the window baskets are so sweet!!  The door is beautiful.}

And check out the General Store:

{This one is actually being donated to Walter ReedNational Military Medical Center & you can help.}
A bunch of them are incredible & very themed:
{I can imagine clematis growing up this one}

My boys would FLIP over this Lighthouse:

…Anyway, to view all 8 of the playhouses up for auction, click here.

The event is for such a good cause & there are so many ways you can help, even if you’re not local:

* Check out their website at<> and pass it on to your friends and family, especially if you’re local.  (Don’t forget about your schools, congregations, neighborhood parks, and civic groups – anyone can bid on a playhouse!)

*Twitter about it!  Every little bit helps!

* Shop at Bloomingdales in Chevy Chase on May 12th…  They are hosting an in-store campaign, where Rebuilding Together will receive 10% of your purchase total as a donation from Bloomingdales if you request a duplicate receipt and drop it in the Playhouse Collection Box. (This is a pretty easy one if you’re local!! 🙂

* Purchase a raffle ticket for a chance at a gift basket valued at over $5000 and still climbing! Tickets are $10 or 3/$25, and you can place your order online and RTMC will mail you ticket stubs. The drawing will be held the night of the event, and you need not be present to win. For a complete listing of the items included in the basket, check out the website.

* You can make an online dontaion.  Again, every little bit helps! Rebuilding Together has designated one of the playhouses (The General Store I showed you) as a community fundraiser. Their goal is to raise $15,000, at which point, they will give the house to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for their playground. DONATE HERE

* Join them on May 31st for the Live Auction & Reception in the plaza at The Shops at Wisconsin Place. All details can be found online, but tickets are $75, and it includes music, open bar with beer/wine, heavy appetizers and desserts, the raffle drawing, and of course, the playhouse auction!

Again, here’s a link to the website & if you have some time, please try to pass it on: RTMC PLAYHOUSE PROJECT

Good luck to the playhouse project!!

xoxo, Lauren
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