January 31, 2012

Kitchens on the Brain…

I’m working on a few kitchen projects at the moment and for the past couple of months, I’ve been collecting images.  One of the easiest places (besides a physical binder) to collect images is pinterest.com.  One of the kitchens we’re working on is for our clients who absolutely love to cook and they’re drawn to simple, functional beauty that feels timeless & as if it’s always been there with a tad of a European edge.

{House Beautiful,,,  I looooove these leather chairs!!!}}

And not that we’re doing garden mazes in the kitchen, but although a bit more formal than what we’re going for, I want to bring a little bit of that traditional garden- conservatory-vibe into the house…  But in a more relaxed way…

{image via rkw.blogspot.com}

We’re looking at going with a beautiful French range by LaCanche:

{Kitchen by Mary Evelyn McKee via elementsofstyle.com}
…Except in stainless steel w/ brass accents:
They needs lots of space in the sink for washing large pots & pans & so we’re considering a deep, wide farmhouse sink.  I love this laundry style sink:


{via moderncountrystyle.blogspot.com via Brooke Giannetti}
I haven’t come across any 1 image that perfectly embodies the feeling we’re after but Ina Garten’s home is definitely in the mix:
{One of my favorite houses EVER, featured in House Beautiful}
…We just want it to be a teensy bit less “fresh” and a little more aged.  The house is also not a rustic one & so we really don’t feel that the beams would be appropriate, although we love them.
We’re using a mix of finishes in the kitchen, many of them unlaquered brass and if you haven’t already read this post last week by Brooke Giannetti about mixing metals in the kitchen, then you need to hop over to Velvet & Linen to read it.  Along with Ina & a few others, the Giannetti’s aesthetic has also played a  big part in this particular kitchen design.  When I first met with my client & she showed me inspiration images, so many of them reminded me of Brooke & Steve’s Patina Style and when I mentioned them, my client said she was an admirer.
{countryliving.com via Brooke on pinterest}
We’re striving for the perfect mix of old & new, beauty & practicality.
{An old wooden tabletop…  I can’t remember the source, but how amazing is this timeworn finish?!!}
I also love the baker’s racks that Darryl Carter uses in many of his projects.  They’re so gorgeous & functional:
We’re planning on incorporating a pair flanking the range hood.
We’re looking at doing plaster one similar to this (below) but with more of a curve to the front and back:
{HGTV.com by Jane Ellison}
Anyway, as we make more progress, I’ll be sure to share updates.
Because it takes a lot of this….
{image from investorspot.com}
and this…
before you get to this…
{image from wonderingfair.com}

xoxo, Lauren

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