August 27, 2020

Instagram Post Roundup

Hi! I know that a lot of you don’t have Instagram (where I’m posting daily), and so every now and then, I share my IG posts on here to show you a bit about what I’ve been excited about and into.  It’s super random because I generally just post what I’m thinking about on any given day, but here we go!

After working from home for months and returning from installing the Southern Living Magazine IDEA HOUSE in Asheville, I am headed back to the office and a week of installs. {got a mask in my bag!} it feels weird and strange and so good to get back to a more “normal” work thing, but at the same time, nothing about it feels normal. There is just so much unknown right now, and it’s crazy to feel almost used to the sadness of hearing about so much loss and pain right now and to kind of intermittently go from heartache to just functioning and working. It feels weird to keep on when it all feels so messed up. I keep thinking of the Jack Johnson song “The News.” 🖤 anyway, sending lots of love to you all and hope you’re doing okay. Outfit details:  all from Lauren Liess & Co.:  cut-off sweatshirt | mom jeans | greige foldover bag


A little soul in a longtime client’s recently redone kitchen. 🤍 SO excited to share this sneakity peek with you!! Our goal was to bring a bit of history and authenticity to this cape cod, adding warmth and texture and interesting architectural details. We decorated most of the house years and years ago, and we were so excited to finally get to do the kitchen for our sweet client!! The cabinets (which you can just barely see!!) are from my new collection with Unique Kitchens & Baths, and the kitchen was built by CarrMichael Construction -who also handmade the countertop hutches we designed. We have lots of new kitchens in the works in the new Lauren Liess & Co. studio in partnership with UKB opening in August! Lots of the accessories in the pic are from our online shop 🤍


“Am I willing or unwilling?” It’s a question I ask myself and that my husband & I ask one another when making decisions or pushing ourselves. I’m not claiming to do a lot or be good at it (I drop balls left and right on the daily & I certainly am not “doing it all”!) but a question I often get asked is “how do you do it all?” and besides having an amazing husband & team working with me to get it all done- I do try to be really honest with myself -which hurts sometimes. Sometimes I’m more real with myself than at other times & need constant reminders & inspiration, or else I go back to an easier/ less introspective way of thinking/ being. The statement “I can’t” has always driven me crazy. (As a kid in gymnastics, we weren’t allowed to use those words in class, and that stuck with me.) What I often really mean when I say I “can’t” is that I don’t want to put in the work or sacrifice to do something to get it done- which is totally okay! A couple of years ago, I read (and loved!) the book “un-f yourself” by Gary Bishop & he put it perfectly- for every action/ decision, ask yourself, “am I willing?” (For example- “if I take on this new project, I would need to work weekends for 3 months. I’m not willing to do that.”) This has been SO good for us as a couple- to be able to put actual true statements in front of ourselves when decision-making rather than just saying, “we can’t.” We’ve realized we have more control in our lives than we think. I am constantly dreaming up new ideas & businesses, and even though it seems like we’re doing a lot, there are SO MANY things we don’t do because we don’t want (or are “unwilling”) to make the sacrifice it would take to do. (We have a big family and we run through scenarios in our head and if we don’t think it will be good for us, then we say we aren’t willing & move forward without regret) I thought about picking up the house before I took this photo, but this is the reality here bc of our choice to have lots of kids and businesses. 🤷‍♀️Sending you love and hope if you’re not already trying this out, it might help you feel a tad more free and in control 🤍


From one of last week’s many Lauren Liess and Co. installs~ the sweetest little guest bedroom refresh for one of the sweetest humans on the planet. A little bit of pinstriped paper + new (old) things + our client’s already-beautiful antique bed and linens. 🤍 We have missed our clients SO much, and even though we didn’t get to hug, it was so nice to see each other‘s smiling eyes over the masks and a lot of feet away. I hope you’re all doing okay… I know how lonely/ hard this isolation is for so many. I’m so worried about certain members of my family and people I love because it seems to be taking a toll on their health- both emotionally and physically. Sending you so much love, and I hope that if you are having trouble, you‘re able to exhale and find a little peace and inner calm.🤍




“Before”  I am SO excited to share another peek of our client’s kitchen transformation with you!! When we first met- she is one of my earliest clients!- we started going room-by-room throughout the house (and even the exterior!), and we finally got to the kitchen, which she has been so patiently waiting for!! This was a “parcel” / distance plan, and we did everything virtually from photos and measurements and then sent our client and our contractor CarrMichael Construction the plans digitally. Our goal was to make the kitchen feel authentic and timeless. I wanted it to match the exterior architecture and feel like it could have always been there. We had the walls paneled in v-groove and used our EVERMORE collection from Unique Kitchens and Baths. I designed reclaimed countertop hutches for easy access and display that CarrMichael built for us. The sink is by our friends at Atmosphyrellc, and we went with classic polished nickel faucets and mixed in brass, black and stainless finishes throughout. Our new kitchen showroom + shop Lauren Liess and Co. is opening up next month in Great Falls, VA in partnership with Unique Kitchens and Baths so you’ll be seeing a lot more of these transformations around here!! 🤍 if you’re local, you can reach our now to schedule a time to come in or just stop by and see us. (we’ll have many of the same goods in store that we have in our online shop -including “mom jeans!” 🤣😉) If you’re in another area or are local, we’re happy to create a “parcel” design for you like this one that you can implement with your contractor! Just contact Unique Kitchens and Baths to get started.


Heirloom roses from the garden 🤍 when working on scents for our new LL SCENT collection I knew we had to have a scent of fresh, floppy garden roses. I wanted it to have a little splash of cucumber so it wasn’t too sweet or overpowering and when we got the ratio right on this one I knew we had a winner!! Meet “Heirloom.” (Below is a pic of it as a diffuser in our vintage-chem-lab-inspired bottle and as a hand-poured soy candle in our rustic jars. I’m so excited and wish you could smell it through your screen! 🤗


Challenge accepted. (This was from when everyone was tagging everyone to post a black and white photo of themselves.) Love this beautiful community of women I have found through social media. 🖤🤍 This time has been sad and painful and isolating but I have seen so much love and support and positivity from so many of you to each other and to me and I’m really truly grateful. You all seem to be putting so much creativity and love and beauty back into the world and I see so much genuine kindness. Thanks for being there and Being you. Post your black + white selfie 🖤🤍


Moments like these 🤍🌊 Towels are LL&Co


Lightening up around here!! 🤍Been dying to sand down the trim since we first bought our house to make it feel a bit lighter and airier and to relax it more. For client work I‘ll do totally neutral and textural or high contrast and lots of patterns & color depending upon my clients’ desired vibe and style, but at home, I generally like a low-contrast relaxed mellow feel with a quieter vibe… with lots almost raw or unfinished wood and a large proportion of white space. I think it’s possibly because things are just so hectic with our kids & pets and there’s so much color and pattern at work that I come home and just want to rest my eye and enjoy blankness sometimes 🤣 anyway, so excited!! Now if I can just plaster the whole thing!! 😉😉 ( & thanks CarrMichael Construction !! You guys are the best!!) swipe to see “before” photo – it’s one of our favorite spots in the house during fall and winter- taken by Helen Norman .. the furniture is all staying.


Tonight we ate tomatoes off the vine and kissed in the garden 🤍


How to say “hello” in goose speak. 🦢🦢


It’s a frozen-(cauliflower)-pizza-kind-of-night & we attempted to make it a hair healthier with some garden ‘maters 😉 (the board is Lauren Liess and Co.)


Hanging out on the phone talking to my grandmother in the front yard (because our phone service is terrible at home!!) and looked up and saw this sky 🤍


SO excited to finally be able to offer premade LL Textiles pillows!!! So many of our Lauren Liess and Co. fabric orders are made into pillows so we now offer a few of our patterns in cotton upholstery weight pillows!! I‘ve been wanting to do this for years but every little side project requires so much time and attention and it always takes me longer than I’d like to get them going but we finally got to this one!! Next up is photographing and loading all of our newer fabrics onto the website!! 🤍


Lots of progress happening over at The Lost Cottage !! Have had lots of this stuff for years and it feels like it’s all finally found its home. 🤍🌊


No idea why little moments at home like this make me so disproportionately happy 🤍


Adventure down the creek 🦢🦢 our favorite hot summer afternoon thing these days.  To view the video CLICK HERE.



(before) A whole lotta opening up + white oak + mixed metals in this kitchen redo.  We did a pair of handmade brass bistro shelves flanking the window by Wahoo Designs to keep things open and accessible and then a full-eight “pantry” cabinet for the not-so-pretty-but-necessary-stuff. Built by CarrMichael Construction designed by Laurenliessandco for clients on our hgtv show #besthouseontheblock photo by Helen Norman we have lots of kitchens in the works right now with our new shop + kitchen showroom partner Unique Kitchens and Baths opening in September!! Contact UKB to set an appointment up – we have people working with us out-of-state both virtually and some who are traveling for appointments and we’ll be following all safety precautions when we open.🤍


A photo of a video I posted: We planted a pair of willows flanking the path to our house and I’m having a moment walking through them at twilight 🤣🤍🌿 To see the actual video, click here 


Starting to work on my Spring 2021 collection with Woodbridge Furniture and it’s blowing my mind because it feels like we just finished with last fall & this spring!! I love this process so much and am so grateful for our amazing teams at both Woodbridge (our casegoods) and Taylor King (our upholstery.) Each spring and fall the showrooms down at High Point Market get completely redone and it’s like re-designing a little house each season!! This is a peek at last fall, and this fall, we’ve got bedroom and outdoor collections coming out with both Woodbridge and Taylor King Furniture !! As the collection grows each season, it fills out more and more. In this pic: the FOREVER table, SILHOUETTE chairs with linen slipcovers, SCULPTOR’S bookcases, and STABLE consoles shown with our BASKET pendants and a vintage rug from our collection- all available at Lauren Liess and Co.



To view the actual video click here. Morning goose routine before work. I love having a reason to have to be outside every day. have had this linen dress for over 20 years (limited anyone???) I’ve been working on designing new pieces for our Lauren Liess and Co. LL APPAREL collection and think I’ll definitely be using this one for inspiration. Need to change up the front/ bust a bit for something more flattering but I love the straps, fit, and length.


To view the actual video CLICK HERE –  Loves fresh water and long walks in the creek {What happens after I fill up that water tub from my last reel } #3monthsold #sillygoose


A little before & after for your day 🤍 Does anyone remember the sweet Bohn family from one of our hgtv BEST HOUSE ON THE BLOG episodes? Well, Sarah Frenchpress Printing (an artist – she did the piece above the mantle 🤍) and I hit it off and I’m SO excited to share that she is making a BEAUTIFUL collection of jewelry for the new Lauren Liess and Co. shop!! Room designed by us built by CarrMichael Construction photo by Helen Norman antique rug from Jdorientalrugs Antique Vintage.



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