April 17, 2009

Industial Chic Before & After: The Basement

Well, we really changed things up in our basement last night & I wanted to share with you. First are the before photos, which I was actually pretty happy with. This first one (below) was taken at Christmas time:

And here is my office before. (below) I was really in the mood for something a little more “industrial chic” since it’s just everywhere right now, so I think you’ll be really surprised at the changes!!

And below is what it looks like now, “after.” With the exposed pipes & electrical in the ceiling it really gives the cool vintage-warehouse feel we were going for. Much less cottage, much more modern. 😉 😉

The wood laminate floors were torn up to expose ORIGINAL CEMENT FLOORING!!!

So really what happened, was my parent’s washing machine kirked out in the middle of the night. (We are living in my parents’ basement for 2 more weeks until we close on our house) The washing machine is a stackable on the floor above us. Well, sometime in the mioddle of the night it decided to just start pumping us with water. And I mean water.
My husband & I slept through it until we heard my mom running down the stairs yelling at us to wake up at 4 AM. I got out of bed & went into the main area & it was literally like a RAIN STORM. The ceiling was falling down on us & thank God Christian (our toddler) was okay in his bedroom (Some ceiling fell down in there but not over the crib.)

I’m usually really amazing in crisis situations but this time, once Christian was upstairs & I went back down stairs to try to save stuff, I was just so overwhelmed. I didn’t know what to save!! laptops, printer, phones, all electronics were DONE… I immediately grabbed a sentimental photo & ran it to our room where it was dry. and oh hahaha the next thing I saved were my Style Files. ( But how sad is it that all of the pages I’d clipped out to go into the files for like the past 8 months (I’m so behind) got soaked.?! ) Then it was my chairs. Then I sort of wandered a bit just shaking my head (My SOAKING wet head.) in ANKLE DEEP water.

SO… a lot of our furniture is ruined and so much work was lost, but we’re all safe & sound. It’s been a crazy day but I just have to thank God that my little guy is safe & sound. As much as I love my pretty things (and you know I do!!!) it really is just stuff and can be replaced. (Maybe I’m overtired & delusional right now & will cry or be angry later?!!) But I don’t think so. We’ll be sleeping in the kitchen for two more weeks & then we’re moving to our new house so we got a jump strart on our decluttering & packing.

My laptop’s dead (this is my mom’s computer) so I’m not sure how much I’ll be blogging/ reading but it’s tough to stay away for you all for long!!

xoxo, (from a slap happy & silly)