January 6, 2012

I’m Shopping For…

Yesteray I was thinking about how difficult it’s been for me to find time to blog lately and how so much of my time spent at work entails looking for the “perfect something” for a project.  We look at sooooooo many different pieces before selecting the actual piece to present in a plan & eventually install in a room.  I have been having a bit of trouble keeping up with blogging lately because of life/ work and was thinking if I could show you more of what I’m doing at work and get some work done in blog posts (and let the blog posts do double-duty! 😉 then I could  be around a little more & share more with you.
So… I was thinking of yet another very irregular blog series I’d like to start called “I’m Shopping For…”  where I can share what I’m currently looking for.  (I’ll try to post these once a week aroudn the middle of the week, but you prbably know me well enough by now so don’t hold your breath every week;) When I posted the pics of my boys bedroom the other day, a lot of you asked about the swing arm wall lamps we’re using so I thought I could start with that one.

So in the first “I’m Shopping For…”  is swing arm wall lamps.

I wasn’t even looking for the lamps when I came across this image on pinterest from Domino Magazine a couple of months ago:


I knew I needed wanted something pretty much exactly like this somewhere in our house.  I had been thinking about doing wall lamps in our new office or in our boys’ room above their beds…
…so I got excited and started “shopping.”

I didn’t have to look long at all & found them on my first stop.  We bought a pair of these by Visual Comfort:


{I loooove Visual Comfort and they also sell all of their lighting retail at Circa Lighting. }
We got them in the hand-rubbed antique brass finish:
I do like to look around for other options before making a purchasing, just in case I find something better, so I also looked at these from Shades of Light:


It’s pretty in their “Olde Brass” finish:

**Update-  my friend Paloma from La Dolce Vita (who is also the Director of Marketing for VC) let me know that these lights are in fact the Visual Comfort lights being sold retail.  (I had thought they were just straight up copying!!! hahaha)
Anyway…  I was definitely looking for the pivot to be on the vertical, but here (below) is one with a linen shade.  I thought about switching it up to a textured linen one:
{Found at lampsbeautiful.com by House of Troy}
…But ended up sticking with the Library Lamps from Visual Comfort.
I also came across this pic just now which shows them (or something just like them?) above a bed in brass & I love it:



…And now I can’t wait to get them up!!

Since I found the piece I was looking for at my first stop, this was a fairly quick “shopping trip” but as you’ll see in future posts, I’m not always so lucky!

**UPDATE***  I had another thought… if anyone knows of similar products, it would be great if they could list them with links in the comments section for people who are searching for similar products.  Laurel-Dawn of Abode Love just used some similar fixtures by Rejuvenation in a beautiful salon project recently!  (be sure to check it out!!)

Hope you enjoyed and have a great weekend!!

xoxo, Lauren

If you’d like help creating a home you absolutely love, contact me about our design services.

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