June 11, 2010

Hosta in the House and Some News


As you might know, I’m all for easy, simple prettiness.  I love using what we have to make the house feel good, and right now, we have some massive hosta leaves.  My mom gave the plants to us last year from her garden, and fortunately, they’ve gone wild!  Hostas give me a good feeling, reminding me of summertime at my Grandma Maestranzi’s lake cottage as a little girl.  I used to love “popping” the purple blooms which are just now budding at out house.  I love using them to freshen up rooms, so I thought I’d share a few pics with you.  I placed a few leaves in the vintage drink shaker that used to belong to Dave’s Great Aunt Stella.  I’ve always loved it for parties (so handy with recipes right on the glass!) but wanted to bring it out even when we’re not partying because I think it’s fun and happy-feeling.  In the background (below) you can see one of my favorite cut glass vases also filled with hosta leaves.

{How cute are the little martini glasses on the shaker?!}

Below, a chemistry beaker holds some more leaves on the lucite table in the living room.  (I know how this must surprise you! 😉 😉
I am crazy about this beautiful antique pitcher I found recently and I love its romantic lines in contrast with the modern-feeling hosta leaves.  I don’t even mind the bug-munches:

One last more photo I couldn’t resist taking because Ashby wandered in to my “photo shoot”.

Anyway, I just love the fresh, modern, summery feeling the hosta leaves have brought into our house, so if  you’re in the mood for simple greenery, just grab some hosta.  It’s so easy.
Have a great weekend!!
ps-  I wanted to let you know that I’m opening an online shop for my vintage & antique finds called “Pure Style Home.”  I’m just working on getting the site up and running and can’t wait to share it with you!!  My motto for the shop is “If I love it so much I want to keep it, it’s worth parting with.”  I am always out and about falling in love with things that I can’t justify buying for myself, so I’ve tried to think of a way to share the finds and I think this is it.  Each & every piece will be something I want myself.  No exceptions.
Can’t wait!! 🙂
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