October 7, 2019

HOMEWORK: Assignment #1 Paint Touch-up Kit

…And BACK from the weekend and really excited to share that the first 5-minute HOMEWORK episode is now live!

You can view it in Instagram on IGTV  (My IG account is @laurenliess )


You can view it on our new YOUTUBE channel HERE:   LAUREN LIESS & CO HOMEWORK EPISODE #1


(And if you subscribe to our YouTube channel you might just be our very first subscriber lol! This is a throwback to my first day of blogging when I wrote and not a soul was reading!!! 🙂  (Grandmother- the youtube option is the one you want! love you!)


As a refresher  Homework will be a once a week simple & fairly quick challenge of making something better at home.  I’ll post a quick webisode tutorial of the task each week on Mondays on Instagram’s IGTV & on YOUTUBE.  Whether it’s decorative, organizational, food, self-care or garden/plant-related, it’ll always be quick and easy and will mostly entail working with things we generally already have to make life a bit better. It’s about the little things and living a simple, easy, more organized, FUN life at home.  I’m really excited to be getting into the details at home and hope you’ll join in when one of the challenges speaks to you!  There’s nothing like telling other people you’re going to do something to keep you accountable!! 🙂

To join in and share your project with everyone, just post a photo of it on Instagram and hashtag it with  #ididmyhomework so we call all check out the hashtag each week and see who’s joining in.  I’ll be featuring a few each week on my Instagram stories.


HOMEWORK assignment #1 is to create a wall paint touch-up kit and touch up your walls!

WHAT YOU’LL NEED: paint, paint brush, jar for the paint, something to tie the jar on with, scissors and a marker


Then just go ahead & pour your wall touch-up paint into the jar and get to work! (This was a bit of a messy process for me as you’ll see if you watch the webisode but was super easy and fast!!)  I’d like to say I’m going to touch up once a month but it’ll probably be more like every 3-6 months.  I was kind of blown away by how much better the house felt afterwards though so that’s a bit of an incentive for doing it more frequently.  When you’re done touching up, just tie the brush onto the jar and store it somewhere you can easily access so it’s not such a job next time around.

I put mine under the kitchen sink


Hope you enjoy & good luck!! VIDEO LINK HERE

…And my book is PUBLICATION DATE (and 14 year anniversary!) IS TOMORROW!!! (Apparently some booksellers & shops have it for sale already yay!!!)


You can pre-order DOWN TO EARTH from a bunch of different places and I’ve got signed copies and links to booksellers HERE. And if you’re in the DC areas and are free this Thursday, I’d love to toast with you at the Book Launch Party At Urban Country in Bethesda at 5 PM.  RSVP to jillian@urbancountrydesigns.com


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