November 11, 2019

HOMEWORK #6 : Treat Yourself- Homemade Face Mask!

I did one Friday night and then woke up Saturday morning feeling SO. MUCH. BETTER about my skin.  It’s crazy how visibly this stuff works.  (And also how addictive/ good it feels it is because I woke up wanting to do another.)

This past week (or few!) was a crazy work week and the weather really changed around here from warm to cold…  Fall (winter even??) is making an appearance and that quick switch to the cold dry air really took its toll on my skin.  I’m not very good about going out to get things done like manicures or facials but I do loooove to whip up concoctions for my face at home when I remember.  I haven’t been taking care of my skin lately though, and with the weather change, I figured rather than work on my house this week, it was time for a little work on myself and that maybe some of you might want a little pick-me-up too! So this week’s Homework episode is all about the easy face mask using ingredients most of us generally have around.



My typical face mask has a base of plain Greek yogurt, honey and usually vitamin E and rosewater, but I like to add seasonal things in for extra benefits.  Ambrosia pears are out right now and we had a bunch so I decided to add in some pear, which is full of antioxidants, Vitamin C (yay for wrinkle-fighting!) and natural sugars and just gives you this great little glow, so I got to work!!

I also added in a little bit of dried lavender I keep around from my friend Helen Norman’s farm, Starbright Farm, which made it smell so good!!  It should stay on until it dries- about 20 or 30 minutes- but can be left on longer.  (I left mine on for a couple of hours and it was probably my favorite face mask I’ve ever done.) I always make a little extra for making more masks in the next couple of days.



(enough for approx 2 masks)

PLAIN GREEK YOGURT- 2 tablespoons

HONEY- 1 1/2 teaspoons

PEAR- 1/4 pear, mushed


VITAMIN E OIL- 1/4 teaspoon

ROSEWATER- 1/2 teaspoon



This thing feels SO good!!!



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If you join in on the projects, I’d love to see your photos & be sure to post them on Instagram and tag them with #ididmyhomework  !!  I’ve been sharing a bunch of them in stories.  It’s been so fun seeing what everyone’s been up to!! Hope you get to join in on this one- it’s so worth it!!


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