September 23, 2020

HOMEWORK #24: Fizzy apple cider

I’ve got a new episode of HOMEWORK up this week and it’s all about the cider!


Tomorrow (Thursday) at 4 PM Eastern, I‘m doing an Instagram Live Happy Hour with Southern Living Magazine with editor-in-chief Sid Evans where we’ll be chatting and answering questions about the 2020 Southern Living Idea House! We’ll both be making this Southern Living Magazine Fizzy Cider recipe and so I decided to celebrate early and make it for HOMEWORK) this week to test it out! (Thank goodness because I may have TOTALLY misread the directions. ☠️)

You can make it with brandy or vodka and Prosecco or leave out the alcohol altogether and use sparkling cider 🖤

I hope you’ll join us tomorrow on IG with your own cider or just enjoy fall and have one on your own 🖤

The Fall weather is here and we had a fire the other night and the kids roasted hotdogs while I did my HOMEWORK.


And on the new shop front, we are SO CLOSE to getting the Lauren Liess & Co shop + Kitchen Showroom (in partnership with UKB) up and opened in Great Falls for next month and I’m SO nervous/ excited!!!!  I have really tried to focus on goods for life that I love and are timeless and functional.  I have such a problem with waste and the sort of disposable approach to home products and fashion we see so much of today and so am trying to make and sell products that won’t need replacing and will be just as beautiful five or ten/twenty/more years from now and get passed on to family.

I’ve been absolutely loving using our Lauren Liess & Co. goods at home now and a few of them made an appearance in this HOMEWORK.  Here’s a quick rundown:



Camel Cashmere Wool Sweater here


Cashmere pointelle sweater here


Our “mom” jeans are currently out of stock but will be back in November,  I truly live in mine and have multiple pairs lol.


my favorite little cocktail cutting board.  I love using these for personal “plates” for meals too!


my favorite little daily glasses


Hope you’re doing okay!

To watch the new HOMEWORK episode on YOUTUBE go here.  Share photos of your ciders at #ididmyhomework on Instagram!


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