October 14, 2019

HOMEWORK #2: Foyer Flowers

This has been a crazy amazing week with my book coming out but I also squeezed in a little forced QT with my house at the beginning of the week and it’s really made a difference in how the house feels!!  A new episode of HOMEWORK is up and this week’s assignment is to arrange a bouquet of flowers or greens for the entry.

You can view the episode in Instagram on my IGTV (my account is @LaurenLiess )




I love how the addition of cut greenery or flowers/ a little bit of something living instantly changes a space and brings it to life.  This week I wanted a pretty and easy task (after my messy painting situation from HOMEWORK WEEK #1!!)  and my foyer – which is really right in the middle of my house- needed a little love so I thought it would be fun to do a flower arrangement for it.


my foyer sans-flowers. pretty “meh.”



When I was little, both of my grandmothers let me arrange flowers with them.  I loved going around the house with them setting out arrangements.  My Italian grandma, “Grandma Maestranzi,”  would take me outside and we’d pick from the yard and we’d make tiny little arrangements and set them around the house, some of them for Mary, and some for the table.  Dinner was EVERYTHING and my grandma & Nonno’s house!!  My mom’s mom,  my “Beautiful Grandmother,” (she told me what was her name way back when and it’s stuck all these years- she is beautiful too !! 🙂  often did elaborate dinner parties (she is the wife of  Marine Corps general = lots of hostessing!!) and would either pick from the yard or bring things home from the grocery store or florist to work with and set beautiful tables.  (She still does!)  With both of them, though, it always felt like such an important job to get to be a part of.   I absolutely loved it.


And today, I still love it.  I try to bring the kids with me when I can (the girls were in school this day!) and the girls especially seem to like it.  (The older two boys are fairly over it but if we get more branchy on the cuttings they can get into it.)

This spring, I dropped a pack of wildflower seeds into one of our raised beds in the garden and it went NUTS!!!!


The plants grew seven to nine feet tall and I have never seen marigolds taller than me before in my life!!!



I cut a huge chunk down of  some of the tallest and brought it in for a super casual & wild arrangement, my favorite kind…


It’s such a little thing but made such a difference in how the whole room feels, lightening it up and relaxing it like only nature can do:


Anyway, if you have some time this week, definitely think about doing Homework assignment #2!! It’s a fun one!!  To share photos of your finished homework, post them on Instagram and tag them with #ididmyhomework  I’ll be reposting some of the photos throughout the week!! I saw a couple of people posted last week’s assignment and it feels good to know you’re not in it alone!! 🙂  Half the reason I’m doing this series is to keep myself accountable 😉 😉



So happy Monday & hope you have the time!!






To get a copy of my new book, click here for a bunch of different links to different booksellers. I can’t thank you all enough for all of the kind words & support!!



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