December 16, 2019


Happy Monday!!! For this week’s HOMEWORK, I forced my dad into doing a knife sharpening tutorial!!  We come from a long line  of “moletas” knife grinders) in Italy and my dad’s amazing at it. My dad’s been sharpening knives since he was a kid and is truly the very best in the country (I promise I don’t say this lightly) My dad used to make knives for commercial accounts (restaurants/ butchers etc.) when I was a kid and was just dipping a toe into retail when his factory burnt down with all of the knives and packaging we’d been working on.  He ended up selling the company (when I was in college) and for years I’ve been trying to convince him to get back to it.  His knives were always the best!!! He finally said “okay kid” and we’ve started work on our first collection of knives for our new company, Generations Cutlery.  (I have a placeholder website up for it sharing our story/ mission etc. but one day soon, she’ll be prettier 😉 )  We’re working on prototypes now and are working on perfecting the handle.  (The title photo on this post shows are current prototype- the one in olive wood- that we’re tweaking.)



We had a lot of fun & butted heads per usual but ended up with some super-sharp blades in time for the holidays!!!

Anyway, to check out this week’s knife sharpening tutorial, go here.

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If you join in, be sure to share your photos with #ididmyhomework !


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