April 7, 2016

Hey hey

I’m back to work this week after a pretty chill/ flu-infested Easter holiday.  We made some serious progress in the yard and had some amazing weather
at home.  (come on spring!!!)

{Snacks & drinks on the new patio one night}

Two of our kids got the flu so we were fairly house-bound, forcing us to really attack the house, which was in much need of attacking.  The basketweave
brick walkway went in and we spent as much time as possible out on the new little sitting area during the couple of warm days we had.  The automatic
sprinklers went in and were a major hit with the kids, especially Gisele.  (At one point there was definitely a bit of mud-eating happening.)
Our kindergartner announced that he married our new dog, Fawn, and now, a week later, he’s still referring to her as “my wife.”  We organized
almost every nook & cranny of our place.  Our garage door, after being on its last leg since we moved in, finally bit the bullet (which I
was hoping wouldn’t happen for another year or so but am also (not so) secretly thrilled about because I can’t wait to replace them) so we ordered
new doors/mechanisms which will really help our house’s exterior.   Fencing went in around almost all of our property (they’re not quite finished-
we need to add a bit more dirt to raise up one of the fence posts) and we got to some of the planting.  All & all, pretty low-key but really


{So pumped about this new walkway!!  We sued reclaimed brick to give it a more established feel and to blend with our existing brick walls. }


And I cannot believe this didn’t happen the day we moved in, but we finally painted the red-pink front door:


{A new door is eventually in order- I don’t know why but it’s at least a full inch above the threshold and leaves and flower petals and the too hot or
too cold air are all constantly blowing in. A weather guard will help for now.  New hardware coming soon.}

As we were removing the shutters to paint them… I started thinking I’d like to go bare on the windows for a while, so we put them in storage to try this
out for a bit or permanently, depending upon how I like it when we get all of the trim painted white and the window mullions installed.

{Here you can see the fence situation on the corner…  A little bit got lost in translation during the install, so we’ll fix that when we’ve fried
all of the bigger fish.  }


Here are some of my favorite all-white shutterless Cape Cods and Colonials:

{A historical Cape Cod in New Hampshire. image via about.com}

{A simple Cape Cod by Dagget Builders}

And this beauty has been my inspiration for a while for having a fenced front garden but I also really love how stripped down and pure the facade is:

I think once our landscaping is established, painting is complete, lighting is in etc., our house would have a similar vibe.  On a side note, I can’t
wait to eventually do a cedar shake roof.

And I still love a classic white house with black shutters & door:

{White Haven Interiors featured this house}

…Just the more I think about it, it doesn’t feel as much like “us” to me.  It’s more refined and less rustic, less primitive.  The other option
is we might do painted white shutters if, after everything’s done, it still seems to be missing something.

{I came up the driveway the other day & saw Dave working the soil and just started dying because it looked so “Colonial.”  Our neighborhood feels
like a little piece of New England so we’re definitely adding to the flavor 😉 😉 }


And finally, I made a lot of progress on Gisele’s bedroom wallpaper design, “Gisele’s Web”:

I can’t wait to decorate this kid’s nursery…  hopefully before she hits middle school!!

We’re in the process of putting the wallpaper line together and it’s going to be available fairly soon…  I can’t wait to share the collection with

I’m off for the day but hope you enjoyed this peek into what we’ve been up to!

{G, hanging out on the front patio}






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