November 1, 2011


We are having a costume party here in the office today.  There are only two of us.  And we’re having a contest.


{I am Pumpkin Head}
..And yes, that is a torn open bag of candy that I got into…
…And yes, I am pregnant…
And Meghan…
Is a ghost.
We’re taking votes.
The winner will take this beauty home:
No, I’m just kidding.  I’m not giving Meghan my dog.
But the winner will get THIS:
Happy Halloween!!  Feel free to cast your vote in the comments section.

xoxo, Lauren

If you’d like help creating a home you absolutely love and you are not frightened away by this post, contact me about our design services.

pps- We just moved offices a week or 2 ago & are in the midst of redoing it.  Will be sure to post pics as soon as we have them!

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