July 13, 2015

Good Reads


Hope you’ve been having a great summer!!  I’ve been spending lots of quality time with the new baby and working on some exciting upcoming projects!!  I’ve also had some time to read – as opposed to crashing to sleep at 7 or 8 as I’d been doing for the past 9 months or so –  and am feeling like I’m returning to the world again!!
{I’m in serious baby heaven…  this is a pic of Gisele’s first swim- she loved it!!}
Along with new Christopher Pike books (I’ve been reading him since I was 10 years old and he’ll forever be my favorite author!!) and other fast reads, I’ve gotten the chance to go through some new {gorgeous!!} design books and so I wanted to share them with you in case you’re looking for new ones, so here we go:
Windsor Smith is one of my absolute favorite interior designers so I couldn’t wait to read her new book, Homefront: Design for Modern Living.  

It’s an absolutely gorgeous book with tons of energy.  There’s a charisma about Windsor and her work that the book captures beautifully.  

{This is a favorite project of hers done with architect Steve Giannetti- love it!!}
I love how she approaches living and how she defies convention…  she doesn’t care what a room’s intended “purpose” is…  if it’s not working for the person who lives in the home, she turns it into what it is they do need.  (Remember her living room-turned-ping-pong hang out for her sons in her house??!! )

This is a book you really want to absorb from cover to cover.  

Windsor does some of the best kitchens around…
Kitchens that you not only cook in… but ones that you can hang out and live in too.  They’re an energetic mix of function, old & new, and pure eye candy.  Serious gorgeousness.
In short, I pretty much love everything Windsor Smith does.  Homefront is a peek into her thought process and really encourages readers to design their homes and lives for true living.
Homefront: Design for Modern Living
Windsor Smith
buy here
I received a copy of Segreto Style from the super sweet creator of Segreto Finishes, Leslie Sinclair and it has so many beautiful rooms in it!!
Segreto Style takes readers on a tour through a massive number of homes Segreto Finishes has been a part of.  Segreto Finishes, Leslie’s company, specializes in plaster and decorative finishes.  Her work adds so much character and interest to often times brand-new homes.
{A gorgeous kitchen… adore that marble & the floors!!!}
I wanted to share a few of my favorite projects from the book…  Love these plaster walls:
{There is such a “realness” to plaster in this type of setting that you just can’t get with drywall… and I love these creepy oversize ants!!}
Leslie’s artistry adds patinas to many completely new homes:
…And I love how modern & antique have been mixed throughout these gorgeous houses:
Leslie’s work is absolutely incredible and I kept thinking about how I wish she could do my cousin’s home in Florida!!
Segreto Style
Leslie Sinclaire
Buy here
And the final book I wanted to share with you today is Simplicity by Nancy Braithewaite.
I fell for Nancy Braithewaite’s style over eight years or so ago when Cottage Living Magazine featured her daughter’s home.  I love her restraint and the sculptural pureness that defines her work.
{Nancy’s daughter’s house… an old favorite of mine.  I’ve been so inspired by this image.}
There’s a drama created by so much simplicity:
She uses massive pieces with history and meaning to create painfully beautiful homes…
There’s a quietness about her spaces that I love.   They always feel sophisticated and purposeful.
It seems to make room for life and people.  Pattern is used sparingly, but when it’s used it’s for great impact:
She truly seems to appreciate artists and collecting special pieces.   It’s very much that “less is more” school of thought except I’d probably add “as long as it’s big” to that sentiment.  Her skill with scale is unreal.  I feel like I learned so much from staring at images of her work and reading about her thought process.
Nancy Braithewaite
Buy here
As you probably know, I appreciate sooooo many different looks.  The more I’m exposed to, the more I’m open to…  I’ve never been able to decide what I love more- the pure, dramatically simple, soulful thing or the lively, layered, patterned house- so I truly enjoy reading about the perspectives of very different designers.    I love knowing why each of them do what they do – usually in design books- so that I can learn more/ grow and apply it in my own work.   Hope you enjoyed this little rundown and would love to know what  you’ve been reading and loving lately!!
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