May 23, 2013

Garden Progress

Our kitchen garden isn’t quite finished, but I couldn’t resist sharing a few progress pics with you!!  Like I mentioned in my last post about the garden, I’m working with a good childhood friend of mine Danylo Kosovych, who owns Organic Edible Gardens in Arlingon, Virginia, and specializes in creating edible landscaping.


I wanted a space with lots of paths and separate beds so we could really enjoy being in the space and walking through it.  And here’s how it’s looking so far:

Next week, Danylo will be adding more black compost to the tops of the beds for a more finished look (and because it’s good for the plants too 😉  and they’ll be cutting all of the bamboo poles (which are for tomatoes) to the same height.

Here’s a view of the whole garden and you can see I haven’t moved in my second pot yet as I’m debating what to actually put in the pots in the centers of the paths.

The one pot pictured here holds my hydrangea but it needs to go back to my patio so I’ll either get more of these or do fruit trees if possible.  (I’d love to do lemons but I’m really terrible with keeping things alive indoors throughout the winter so I’d rather something that can stay out in the winter…  I did see some pretty appletrees yesterday but don’t know if they’ll outgrow their pots too quickly… guess I should talk to my garden designer 😉 😉

(Ashby girl enjoys a morning jaunt  😉 😉

I added delphinium yesterday throughout the gardens because I had to get my flower fix and am impatiently awaiting for my veggies to get tall!!  The beds are edged in boxwood (which of course need to grow in) and I’ve put a bunch of boxwood basil between them to fill them out a bit for this season.

I’ll go over everything that’s in there when I can get some better pics next week but I hope you enjoyed this little peek!!  Have a great day!!

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