September 15, 2015

An Education: Eddie Ross’ Modern Mix

I learned so much, and as gorgeous & entertaining as the book is, it’s truly a valuable reference guide.  It outlines things like different types of glass, metals, makers’ marks, cleaning processes for specific materials and I know I’ll be breaking it out again and again to figure out what all of the things I currently have collected actually are and how to take care of them.  Lots of before-and-afters showing sad-looking finds turned into sparkling treasures get you excited to go hunting for your own.  He goes even further from finding and collecting all the way into decorating and then finally, entertaining, teaching readers how to do it the way he does it and what’s worked for him, which isn’t always conventional.  Everything is laid out so well and it’s all so easy to find and understand.

I can’t tell you how excited I am to share my thoughts on Modern Mix, Eddie Ross‘ first book, written with Jaithan Kochar.  There are things I get excited about (happens pretty much daily) and then there are things that I get ridiculous about.  This is one of those things.
My husband & I met Eddie & Jaithan seven years ago, when I’d first started my blog and they’d first started doing flea market tours.  I truly frightened Jaithan upon meeting him first thing at the flea market with my fan girl retelling of how I’d dreamt we would be friends (after reading their blog late one night) and then went online the next morning and saw they were offering flea market tours on a weekend when we’d be in New York and so I signed up.  He smiled politely and most likely reconsidered their business plan.
But, we did end up becoming close (and now I can just say I’m physic instead of creepy, right??) and Eddie & Jaithan are two of the most loyal, generous, and hysterical people we know.  They’ve really been there for us throughout the years.  When they told us they were writing a book, I knew it would be amazing, and it really is.  I’d expect nothing less from them, but the way in which they did it is just so Eddie, it’s perfect.
First of all, Eddie’s personality just jumps right out of the book at you.  The writing is completely him.  Though it’s filled with information so specific & helpful you feel like you should be hi-lighting and taking notes, it’s also hysterical and you feel like you’re hanging out with him.   His stories and cherished memories are laced between gorgeous images and serious, practical info. I laughed out loud a few times and read lines to my husband.
{I love that the first step in this DIY project is popping open a bottle of wine.  OF COURSE it is.  }
The book is organized into chapters and it’s stunning.  Each chapter opener is done in a different bold color and is 3-quarters of the page (see below):
{Even the book design, by our talented friend Jessica Thomas, is unexpected and fresh and bold.}
It’s all so pretty!!!!
Modern Mix teaches us how to elevate the everyday, which is a concept I feel passionate about, but often have trouble finding the time to do.  Eddie’s tips & tricks from his years of professional work make it seem so much easier.  He explains where to cut corners and how to make things special, easily.  (Take-out on on a beautifully set table, to name one.)  
{This cheese platter makes me want to step up my cheese game.}
Eddie’s style and philosophy are uniquely his.  It’s a sort of fresh, modern take on the old-school decorator/entertainer where things like chintz, glamour and hospitality are celebrated, but in an easier, more relaxed, less reverential way.  He’s willing to really work for exactly what he wants, even when he can’t afford it, and that’s exactly what Modern Mix teaches us to do.  To check it out, go here.  I can’t recommend it highly enough.  
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