June 3, 2011

Easy Crab Feast

Last weekend we had a little crab feast with some of our friends.  At our house (probably like at most houses) we like to use parties as an excuse to tie up all of those loose ends around the house.  (see my last 2 posts 😉

We finally had an excuse to mulch our gardens & break out all of that wedding drinkware.

We strung up hanging lanterns & set out a couple of folding tables in the grass.  Here’s a pre-party pic:
For a quick & summery arrangements, I filled old ironstone pieces with sunflowers for the tables:
We packed the kids off to visit “Gramma” and their playhouse shed turned into the bar:
I loved having this massive drink dispenser for the margaritas:
(I’m kicking myself for taking this pic before I’d set out the rock salt and hid the tequila to make it look pretty but oh well 😉
I made a couple of different salads including my chick pea one.  (recipe here)
We covered the tables in newspaper & topped with sunflowers & crabs:


My husband steamed the crabs in the oven using a roasting pan and they were easy & awesome.  I loooove Old Bay seasoning and sprinkled it on top and then we served the crabs melted butter, extra old bay & lemons.
It was soooooooooo yummy and I want to do it again right now.
I love how the lanterns looked at night, lighting the patio for games:
I really loved having this party because getting it together was actually pretty easy.  It was a lot of effort but it was pretty planned out, which made it simple.  Food & friends  is always a good time, especially when the weather’s perfect & you’re outside.
Of course I forgot to get pics of us.  (Fellow bloggers, I know you understand.)
…And I definitely did something to my hip dancing.  I think it was the kip-ups.

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