January 27, 2015

Go Time

As the months & weeks fly by, our baby’s due date looms closer & closer and I’m feeling the crunch!!  On one hand, I’m dying to hold out newest little love and I am ready to run & move about like a normal personal- actually even walk normally at this point- & fit back in my old clothes, but on the other hand I have SO MUCH to do before he/she gets here.

We’re installing some really special projects over the next few weeks and on through March, which is always satisfying.  I love finally seeing our plans fall into place:

[The backsplash in an almost-finished kitchen}

We have photo shoots happening through Feb & March for the book and my fingers are crossed that these snow days don’t throw us too many wrenches.  (We had to move one today!)  One of the projects that we’re installing at the end of March is incredibly different from anything we’ve ever done yet – A 1930s home that’s colorful, gutsy with lots of antiques, modern pieces & vintage sparkle throughout- and I’ve planned to have it in the book so we’re installing & actually photographing it that same week to meet our deadline.  (I got word yesterday that we now may not be able to include it to stay on schedule with our publication date so am on pins and needles until I hear that it will work out because I don’t feel like the book will be complete without it.)  We’re also installing my dad’s lake house mid-March and are shooting it around the same time too.  (Again, fingers crossed that this project can stay in the book!)  We’ve been approaching it similarly to how we did my cousin’s mountain house and have been amassing things in a storage unit and in our house and garage for the big day…  I have random lake house things eeking into everything.  I cannot wait to go spend the night there and cook and eat and relax!!! 

[New doors are in at the lake house….  they made SUCH a difference replacing the upstairs windows which were three different sizes.  The upper doors will open onto three small Juliette balconies.} 

We’re working on a few new exciting projects that I’ll share more details about soon.  You will LOVE!!!

I’m also working on a new fabric collection for Fall.  Doing the fabrics is like this little outlet for me that just helps me exhale and  I often do it at the table with my boys as they work on “designs” too.  (It’s a “challenge” to draw on a table shaking from little boys bouncing all over it, to say the least 😉


{Playing around with drawings of “Frond,” my newest design.}


We visited NYC last week and I had a great meeting with the team at Abrams Books , who’s publishing my book,  Habitat: The Field Guide to Decorating.  (Feels surreal writing that – eek! )  Everyone is so nice and seems really determined to make this thing amazing!!  I also got a preview of the general book design and couldn’t be more in love with how it’s looking!!  The book designer is so on it’s not even funny.  She got the book (and me!) 100% without us even talking beforehand.  When I opened the PDF of the book design, I was speechless it was so perfect.   I’m dying to see what she comes up with for the cover.

{The Abrams Office}

Also- a bit of good news- we received a portion of the video that we had made when we installed my cousin’s mountain house!!!  We’re still missing a lot of footage- like the “afters” and my family’s reaction to the situation-  so the video’s a bit confusing at this point but I’m hopeful that the videographer might get it done!!  (It’s even complete with the “drama” of a forgotten load of furniture 😉 😉

Anyway, I’m off for the day but hope you have a great one!

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