August 26, 2010

Decorative Memories in our Core

I often think about patterns from my childhood… Fabrics, tile, wallpapers, even linoleum patterns.  Many of them have really stayed with me over the years and I remember them fairly clearly.  For the ones that are no longer around… I wish I could just have a piece…  A yard or a square foot to look at and remember perfectly.

The sofa in the photo below was upholstered in a beautiful chinoiserie floral in orangey-pinks, cream and green and was in my grandparents’ living room in Honolulu many years ago.  I’ve seen the photo below of my grandfather & me over the years (and I’m not sure at what point I started consciously thinking of the fabric) but it’s just sort of always been one of those fabrics filed away in my mind that I think of every so often and love.


{My “Geedaddy” & me}
Below is another photo of me in my muumuu on the beloved sofa fabric.
My mom and I moved in with my grandparents to McLean, Virginia (just outside of Washington, DC) when I was 4 years old.  My grandmother has an amazing sense of style and we lived with them for 6 years before moving only a few minutes away.
{My grandmother whom I called “Beautiful Grandmother” (she told me that was her name 😉 and me…  Again, the blue & white Hawaiian print that I’m wearing…  that’s one of those fabrics that’s so ingrained in my memory that it just feels good to look at.  If I ever had a little girl and found an outfit just like that one, I’d be in Heaven.}
When I find things that remind me of pieces  my grandmother’s had over the years, I often buy them on the spot.  They just give me this good feeling. It’s almost that feeling you get when you first wake up and you can’t quite remember a dream but then you do and it just feels so good.  Does that make sense?
{I bought this Chinoiserie ginger jar flea market lamp the second I saw it because it reminded me of my grandmother’s lamps}
It’s what it would be like if you could actually grasp a cloud.  (I remember being little and scraping the inside out of an oreo and just holding the white part…  It was strangely satisfying in that same weird way.)  It’s the intangibles in life.  And when you finally have them clear in your memory or physically in your hands, its’s so oddly satisfying.  I feel this way about prints…
Another one is this vintage blue peacock flower fabric on my Grandma Maestranzi’s (my Grandmother on my dad’s side) dining room chairs in Antioch, Illinois:
Lucky for me she was a little old Italian grandma who protected everything under oh-so-chic PLASTIC.  It’s still perfectly preserved to this day.  (Thanks Grandma!!)
I’ll never forget the cloud wallpaper in my nursery or the pale green vine fabric on my first big girl bed – a canopy bed- at my dad’s house.    I remember picking it out at the store. (My parents divorced when I was really young and so I had a bedroom at my mom’s and a bedroom at my dad’s.)

My mom had this vintage butterfly quilt in cream and earthtones…  I wonder if it’s still around?  My Aunt Josephine had these beautiful japanese gardens with stone pagodas that I’ll never forget…  My grandmother has a beautiful blue and gold floral throw blanket made by my great grandmother (I think?)…  Terrible linoleum in the kitchen (not picked out by her I don’t think) that I used to love & stare at…  It was fun finding shapes in the linoleum and I’d always show people the “two dinosaurs” I’d found throughout the pattern. It’s since been replaced and looks so good, but I can’t help but miss that pattern.

…Anyway, I could go on & on (and seriously it’s so satisfying recounting the patterns) but I guess what I’m getting at is that these patterns are so ingrained in my mind.  These choices made by my grandmothers & my mom and the people who decorated & accessorized the homes I spent time in really did affect me.  Even at that age, I recogized beautiful & interesting things.  (Some of them were even plastic flowers so I’m not saying they’re necessarily beautiful today…  but to me they are.)   I loved looking at them.  The same goes for a lot of the artwork and accessories around the house- things my grandparents had picked up on their extensive travels, knickknacks and china my Grandma Maestranzi collected…  I remember going from tabletop to tabletop in both houses playing with the accessories…
I was an only child for 15 years (my little sister, Morgan, was born 15 years after me when my mom married my stepdad, Tom) so I guess before that, I spent a lot of time alone, exploring the houses, observing everything in them.  To this day I like looking through my grandmother’s linen closet at her sheet sets and still get a twinge of excitement when I see the vintage leafy green printed futon being pulled down from the garage.  (This happened when my closest cousins came to visit us and – just like a memory-inducing smell- the sight of that futon still gives me a childish excitement.)

Even as I write, I’m struck by the flood of memories & feeling that seeing or remembering patterns and objects from my past elicits in me.  I am so happy when Christian asks to be lifted up to see something on a shelf- like the little froggy limoge box that sits on our bookshelves.  He gets to hold it and play with it for a little bit before we put it back, just like I used to be allowed to do.
What we put in our homes today affects our  not only our present, but is also the backdrop for our future memories. If you have kids around noticing the things, you just might be helping to develop their taste, style.  The fabrics and patterns from my past are so ingrained in my memory that I know they’ve influence my design aesthetic.  As I work on fabrics for the my upcoming fabric line, I’m amazed by how many of my ideas spring directly from the patterns of my past.
To some people, picking the fabric for a throw pillow may be as easy as running to Target and choosing a color that works with their rug…  to me, it’s way more than that…  (although the pillow could be from Target! 😉  It has to elicit an emotional response from me or my client.  A fabric I choose is typically somehow tied to the past, memories or a feeling -although I (or they) might not even know it at first…   Designing a home’s a big deal to me and those little choices are all a part of the equation.  Your thoughts??

xoxo, Lauren

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