November 18, 2016

Creative Fuel

{sorry-not-sorry, I know I already posted the ginko tree but I’m obsessed!}

This has been one of the most BEAUTIFUL falls ever- It’s been warm and the leaves have stayed on the trees longer than usual- and it’s gotten me so excited
& inspired!!  Our house is beyond what would seem normal to live in right now, and the disorganization at home is KILLING me
and any time we get anywhere or get out of the house with matching shoes it feels like a small victory- but I can almost see the finish line.  I
haven’t had the time to think about our situation because we’ve been really busy with work & the kids, but when I have a minute to assess, I’m
excited!!  We’ve been going at a pace where it feels like I’m holding my breath until we make it through but I’ve noticed that I find myself just
heading outside randomly for five to ten minutes to take in the land, the trees and all the wild animals on our property and it’s like it gives me
a little boost of needed energy and kind of fills up my reserve tank.


It makes sense… I’ve always loved nature and it inspires so much of my work- my textiles, the textures & materials & natural objects I frequently
use etc.- so I shouldn’t be surprised at what an effect being able to enjoy it so frequently is having on me, but I am.  I guess I didn’t realize
that my little walks outside (whether alone or with David and/or the kids) would give me this instantaneous little jolt of inner calm & strength.
(It reminds me a little bit of working out… you know how you just feel ready to face things when you’re working out regularly?)

I’ve always enjoyed walks outside and been obsessed with nature, I just haven’t felt this sort of connection to a piece of land since I was a kid….  I
think it has to do with being completely alone in nature, something we didn’t have at our last place.  I feel so much more unbridled and free
and weirdly younger.  I have so many textile patterns swimming in my head with all of the new-to-me trees here, and so many thoughts on our business
and where I’d like it to go.  And I know so much of this is just having all of the access to nature right outside my door.  I’ve realized
that nature is kind of like a creative fuel for me.  (It’s almost like traveling but it’s something I can do on a daily basis so much more doable;)

In the suburbs, “land” isn’t something that is typically expected or desired (as it might be in the country) so it took us a good long while to realize
it was something we wanted/ craved.   It’s like I’ve always subconsciously known it but never really understood just how much I would get
from it.  Have you thought about what fuels you creatively?


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