March 12, 2012

Creamy Prosciutto Pasta

xoxo, Lauren

I love eating & I enjoy cooking pretty much only because I love to eat.  My favorite types of meals don’t take very long to whip up but taste like they did.
Over the weekend I made a prosciutto pasta recipe from our family’s cookbook.  I’m not sure where it originally came from, but it is yummmmy and I had the camera nearby so I had to share!!!
Pasta- approx 1 lb (1 box)
Flour- 3 tablspoons
Heavy Cream-  you could try substituting it with skim milk- 2 cups
Edamame (it was originally peas but I switched it to soy beans because we like them better)- 1 cup
Chives (I used scallions because we didn’t have chives)
Parmesan Cheese- 2-4 tablespoons depending upon how thick you want the sauce
Ground Black Pepper
I did the recipe approximately- I’m not big on measuring- and it came out soo delicious so don’t worry about the amounts so much.
1.Boil the water for the pasta.  I used farfalle this time but anything really works.  Penne is awesome with it because the cream gets inside the noodles 😉 😉  I usually salt my pasta water once it boils.
2.  Saute the prosciutto with a little olive oil in a sauce pan for a few minutes
3.  Add in the flour & saute it for another 3 or so
4.  Slowly pour in the heavy cream & whisk it for a few minutes until it thickens.  (I skipped the whisking part & it still worked.)
5.  Add in the chopped parsley, chives, and cooked edamame.  Add a bunch of pepper.
6.  Add in the parmesan cheese & stir until it melts.
7.  Pour it over your freshly cooked pasta, serve and EAT!  (I kept it separated from the pasta because I knew we’d have a lot of leftovers and I don’t like it as much once the sauce & pasta have been sitting together for a day or so, but if you aren’t planning on leftovers, go ahead & mix it all in with the pasta before serving.)
(Yes, sometimes the two year old goes shirtless at meals…  easier clean up 😉
If you get some time to try it out, I promise you will looooooove it!!

ps- Am I the only person who feels like the pictures of the food never look as good as the food really does in person?  How do those food photographers do it?!!!

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