March 29, 2011

Climbing Vines

I’ve always wanted climbing vines on my house.  I remember reading a book when I was a little girl that pictured a red brick house covered in ivy and how I wanted it.  Yeah, I know, it’s bad for the house, but I love it anyway.  There’s something so incredible about a wall of green and vines growing up a home. It blurs the line between the home and the land, which is something that the houses I truly love all have in common.

{Betsy Burnham}
I attemped to grow jasmine vines up a trellis in front of our house last year but they died in a harsh winter storm.
{image from}
Now I’m holding out for an evergreen clematis, which I grew up all over a fence in our old townhome and really took a beating.  I’m having a hard time finding it again though.  The last garden center I stopped at asking for it looked at me like I was nuts.  🙁
{image by Cassie Lee}
I would go nutty for this on my front walkway steps:
{image from}
I might try it although I’m not sure if the treads on my stairs are deep enough.
{Image by Galen Frysinger}
Climbing vines give buildings a sense of permanance.
{image from}
I love it when they completely take over like this:
{image from}
And I cannot get over this ivy-covered turret:
{image via}
And, finally, here’s a secret garden:
{image by Gap Photos}
What I wouldn’t give for a secret garden.
If I could completely wall in my backyard with hedges & vines, I would.  I’m a pretty social person but I do love private outdoor spaces.
I am soo ready for March’s lion to give way to the lamb.
It’s time.
Come on Spring!

xoxo, Lauren

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