June 26, 2013

Clients’ Master Bath Before & After


In the clients’ home I shared with you last week,
I also mentioned that we did their master bathroom.  I took some photos
of it to show you the “before & after” of the construction.  We’re
in the process of adding towels & accessories & things to the
walls so I’ll be sure to share when it’s truly finished. The original
bathroom was large but my clients weren’t loving its functionality (or
lack or it) or the materials.  Here’s what it looked like before:
{The tub butted up to the side of the shower, which had a glass surround with a thick chrome frame.}
{My clients didn’t need a sitting vanity area but preferred his and hers
sinks.  We also saw that there was a big chunk of wasted space in the
corner between the counter tops.  My favorite thing about the original
bathroom was that the toilet was in its own room & we kept it that
We decided upon a palette of pale blues & creams and worked with our friend Mike Carr of CarrMichael Construction
to design the new cabinetry & layout. We settled on timeless
fixtures and I was thrilled when our clients said “yes” to painted
shiplap walls.
Anyway, here’s the bathroom now:
The shiplap walls add so much warmth and texture to the bathroom.  It
feels so much more substantial now and has that slight coastal eel that
my clients love.  We had them painted the same color as the ceiling.
The pale blue floors are made up of 4×4 tiles which we had laid in a
brick pattern.
I’m a tad obsessed with their new soaking tub:
The polished nickel hardware is just so substantial and pretty in ‘real
life.’  (I took this photo before we hung the natural woven shades,
which add a warm wood element to the room I love…  and more
importantly, privacy 😉 😉
The shower surround is now a frameless glass one (our clients selected
clear glass) so it takes up so much less visual space in the room.  It
was tough to get a good photo:
When I’d originally presented this design, we were planning in having a
percentage of cream 4x4s mixed in with the pale blue ones.  I’d done
something similar before & had loved it but when the tiles arrived
and were laid out in the bathroom for approval, it just wasn’t right
because there was too much contrast between the creams & blues.  It
looked a crazy person had designed it!! (Which I guess is true 😉 😉  We
quickly ordered more blue tiles & of course the project was held up
slightly because of it.  I felt really terrible but my clients were
very understanding.
For metals, we used a combination of polished nickel & antiqued
silver.  I like to mix metals so that rooms have a bit more interest
& are a bit more relaxed feeling.  I think rooms with mixed metals
just look a bit more effortless & stylish than ones where everything
matches perfectly.
I’m in the process of scheduling photographer (and good friend!!) Helen
Norman to come & photograph my clients’ home because she will do it
so much more justice than I did!! 🙂  As soon as I have those pics, I’ll
be sure to share them so you can see the difference. But I hope you
enjoyed what you did see!!  Have a great day & stay cool.   (AC
broken here = really fun!! … But honestly makes me feel very fortunate
for being able to have AC.)
To view the rest of my clients’ home, go here.

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